ZebPay launches ZEBB offering BTC & Ether SIP Options


ZebPay, one of India’s leading Bitcoin and Ethereum exchanges has announced the launch of a new cryptocurrency wallet and mobile payment solution, Zebpay wallet and Zebpay mobile payments.

In order to provide the best possible cryptocurrency services to the Indian market, Zebpay has introduced a new product, ZebPay SIP (Simple Internet Payment). Zebpay SIP is an easy, safe and secure way to make Bitcoin & Ethereum payments. Zebpay SIP transactions are instant, easy to understand and small in size. It is also completely free and the user does not need any prior Zebpay Wallet setup. We look forward to the success of this product.

Summary of the situation

– ZebPay presents the ZEBB project for SIP-based options.
– The cryptocurrency company is trying to create an affordable investment ecosystem.

Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange ZebPay has announced that it will integrate a new SIP project called ZEBB. This trading plan is designed to use the two most traded tokens: Bitcoin and Ethereum. The platform has set option limits (BTC = $1 trillion limit and Ether = $43 billion limit).

The aim of the ZEBB project is to encourage new investors to use BTC and ETH starting from 100 INR. The company claims that this plan will allow investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts to enter the speculative market. The newly launched site will allow SIP options with a daily time limit.

However, ZebPay has stated that it will not pay commissions for the use of the ZEBB platform.

Volatility of crypto-currencies worries investors

ZebPay launches ZEBB offering BTC & Ether SIP Options

While ZebPay’s project offerings are getting attention, investors are wary of the cryptocurrency’s volatility. However, options with Ethereum and Bitcoin have not stopped as long as the downward trend continues.

The company said that recording the cost in rupees is a good way to get the approximate price of the cryptocurrency. ZEBB guarantees its customers the protection of the information they provide and the tokens they exchange. The company also talked about cold storage of cryptocurrencies, security management and clearing systems.

In these announcements, the CEO of ZebPay said that with ZEBB, investors are encouraged to use Bitcoin and Ethereum. With the rupee crypto currency system, it is easy to enter the world of crypto currencies and benefit from their price volatility. ZEBB is based on SIP, the best investment system for making profits from decentralized currencies.

ZebPay Future plans

ZebPay, founded in 2014, has several future plans when it comes to cryptocurrencies. The company wants to take advantage of the rising value of tokens; bitcoin, for example, has reached a high value.

The company’s chief executive suggests that if a trader bought last year’s bitcoin today, he would make a profit. The CEO of the cryptocurrency exchange says bitcoin’s growth rate between last year and today is 72%.

While the ZEBB project seems promising for Indian citizens, the country’s government may not agree. The country’s regulators have done everything they can to stop the dominance of cryptocurrencies, calling them fraudulent and volatile. Bitcoin options, however, are a high-frequency trade in the country.

One of the recent moves by the country’s regulators was to sever ties between banks and cryptocurrency authorities. This ban forces investors to use alternatives to buy their bitcoins with the local currency.

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