Your favorite Rich Dad predicts a mother of all crashes is coming, condemns the FED, and advises everyone to buy more bitcoin


Today we published a book titled “The Mother of All Crashes is Coming, it’s Called the FED, and it’s Going to Destroy Your Life. You Must Sell Your Stocks and Gold, and buy Bitcoin.” It’s available on Amazon (here ) and is available in paperback from (here ).

These days, it seems like all the rich people are buying bitcoin, and it’s not hard to see why. Crypto is rocketing up in value, and it is attracting the attention of the ultra-wealthy—investors who have more than enough money that they don’t need to play with their money. But, what is Rich Dad know, and why should you listen to them? This article will discuss the reasons why Rich Dad is likely to be correct about a mother of all crashes in the next few years, and why you should be buying more bitcoin.

Robert Kiyosaki, author of the best book on personal finance of all time, predicts a severe crash in all financial markets and blames the Fed for the current economic climate. Although Kiyosaki has always been pessimistic about the U.S. dollar, his recent comments on Twitter show that he fully supports buying bitcoin and commodities like silver.

As recently as 2015, he predicted that something more was on the way than the 2008 crash, and the reason he gave for it: In 2007 there were 700 trillion derivatives, now there are 1.4 trillion. All they have done is increase the debt to give the false impression that the economy is strong. He is convinced that derivatives will be the main cause of the next stock market crash.

The financial guru and wealth creator has repeatedly criticized the Federal Reserve on Twitter over the past 12 months. He points out that the fundamentals are weak and always have been, and that if they keep printing money, it will eventually cause a crash.

The eternal collapse is at hand. Since 1987, the world has been in a state of ETERNAL FUTURE. Now everything is falling apart. Gold, silver and bitcoin prices will also plummet. The U.S. dollar will rise. Be patient. Massively printing money in the first place destroys the dollar. It’s time to buy more BItcoin gold and silver.

– therealkiyosaki (@theRealKiyosaki) October 28, 2020

A high stock market value does not always reflect a strong economy, and according to Kiyosaki, the debt situation would create the biggest bubble in economic history. To cope with the coming meltdown and high inflation, Robert suggests accumulating high-quality assets, such as gold and silver, which can be used as hedges. He also believes bitcoin is the safest bet against inflation, as he has repeatedly said in his tweets.

Bitcoin is collapsing. That’s great news. If the price gets to $27,000, I might buy again. Much will depend on the global and macroeconomic environment. Remember: Gold, silver or bitcoin are not the problem. The problem is the incompetence of the government, the Fed and Wall Street. Remember, gold was worth $300 in 2000.

– therealkiyosaki (@theRealKiyosaki) May 30, 2021

Although we are in a correction phase, he advises investors to keep an open mind and diversify into assets like bitcoin. He thinks the crash is the best time to get rich and buy more valuable assets. When making investment decisions, he always prefers to consider the liquidity of the asset, so it’s no surprise that he constantly accumulates crypto assets.

His bullish view on bitcoin hasn’t changed in the slightest, and he expects the next collapse to take longer. In short, derivatives are instruments of financial destruction, and to avoid getting screwed in the next crash, it’s best to bet on assets like bitcoin.

Your favorite Rich Dad predicts a mother of all crashes is coming, condemns the FED, and advises everyone to buy more bitcoin

Kartikeya Gutta, born and raised in India, is a cryptocurrency journalist and freelance writer for the website itsBlockchain. It covers various aspects of the industry through in-depth analysis and research. His passion for blockchain and the crypto-ecosystem is largely because he believes it can truly change the world and help millions of people.

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