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Yield App is a new protocol for decentralized finance or “DeFi” that was specifically designed to enable the formation of federated lending pools. It is currently seeking its first round of token sale on CoinCentral, with plans to launch in Q4 2018.

The yield app is a decentralized application which allows users to earn interest rates on their crypto assets by lending them out as collateral for loans. In addition, it has been reported that the company will launch an online gaming platform in 2019 with blockchain technology integrated into every element of the ecosystem from user rewards and reward pools right down to advertising revenue.Yield App is a decentralized app that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. The point of YLD is to help users find investment opportunities in their local community, and make investments with other members from around the world. It’s built for people who want exposure to crypto without having to invest directly.,

Yield App is a new app that allows users to earn interest on their money. It is the first DeFi-focused app. YLD was created by CoinCentral, a cryptocurrency news site.

YIELD Software is a custodial app that lets users to earn up to 17% APY on a range of cryptocurrency assets for YLD token holders. 

The value proposition of YIELD App has a few key features:

  1. It’s custodial, but it allows you to invest in DeFi and other digital asset schemes. 
  2. It does not charge a cost for petrol. The majority of DeFi yields are suffocated by excessive gas costs. 
  3. It accrues daily interest. 

When users fully use the YLD loyalty and rewards program, which we’ll discuss below, they may earn up to 17%.

For earning APY, the YIELD App now supports four assets (USDT, USDC, ETH, and BTC). When kept on the platform, its native YLD token is automatically staked in order to earn extra incentives and gain access to higher levels.

What is YIELD App (YLD): A Guide on the DeFi-Focused App – CoinCentral

“We created YIELD App with the express goal of opening up DeFi so that everyone could benefit from the high yielding potential in this industry,” explains Tim Frost, CEO of YIELD App. “We’re happy to report that we’ve achieved our goal, with almost 60,000 people enjoying our platform throughout the globe.” We anticipate DeFi and the larger digital asset wealth management ecosystem to continue to grow in popularity in the future, especially in developing countries where goods and services like ours are most helpful.” 

Every 24 hours, rewards are awarded and may be redeemed at any time. However, they are not automatically added or compounded; if you wish to reinvest your incentives, you must do so inside your account. In the future, the firm intends to include auto-compounding.

The YLD rewards you receive on your assets are saved in your portfolio, however the YLD you earn on your staked YLD (wallet balance) is solely compounded and accrued in your YLD wallet. 

The minimal investments in the YIELD App are 0.03 BTC, 0.1 ETH, and 100 USDC/USDT. 

What Is the YIELD App and How Does It Work?

YIELD App is a digital asset wealth management tool that aims to provide our consumers with a minimal rate of return.

Through a diversified portfolio intended to limit volatility, YIELD App promises to seek the greatest risk-adjusted rate of return within the bitcoin financial ecosystem.

The portfolio team collects all user money and invests them in a variety of crypto-based investment methods and decentralized finance protocols. The YIELD App seeks to lower the amount of cash necessary, as well as transaction costs, complications, and time costs associated with trading on one’s own. 

What is YIELD App (YLD): A Guide on the DeFi-Focused App – CoinCentral

YIELD App curates “bespoke opportunities in cooperation with industry-leading quant funds, miners, market makers, and other established DeFi investment managers,” according to the website. 

To deploy and manage the assets it manages for customers, YIELD App employs its own automated and proprietary portfolio allocation methods, research, smart contract auditors, and authorized counterparties.

“We have an actively managed portfolio that is monitored by a team of professionals in conventional finance, both decentralized and centralized,” Frost says. “We concentrate on highly liquid, low-volatility, and, most importantly, long-term investing prospects.” Lucas Kiely, our new Chief Investment Officer, offers a lot of expertise from top tier organizations such as UBS and Credit Suisse, and will be working to further develop our fund strategy.”

Although the YIELD App’s basic passive income APY for cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, and USDC is above-average, when paired with its utility reward token, YLD, the value proposition skyrockets. 

With 20,000 YLD tokens, holders may increase their Tier level by 7% APY on the base asset and 10% YLD on YLD.

“Owning the YLD token allows our users to improve their returns up to a maximum of 17 percent APY,” Frost says. There is a Tier system in place, which means that the more YLD users have in their wallets, the more they earn. For example, the standard APY on stablecoins (USDT and USDC) is 11%, but Tier 5 users who retain more than 20,000 YLD receive an additional 6% in YLD on the base asset, as well as an additional 10% on the YLD they hold, both paid in YLD. 

“On top of that, customers get extra benefits on the YLD component of their portfolio for supporting our ecosystem.” Finally, as the YIELD App develops and expands, it enables users to share in the increase of the token’s price. We make investing in our coin very profitable.” 

According to YIELD App’s documentation, the firm routinely changes rates up and down in response to market circumstances in order to guarantee the model’s long-term viability.

What is YIELD App (YLD): A Guide on the DeFi-Focused App – CoinCentral

The corporation also contributes to the YLD token’s stability by acquiring YLD tokens on the open market on a regular basis. https://etherscan.io/token/0xf94b5c5651c888d928439ab6514b93944eee6f48?a=0x1a11848434cafa84a676e70459015407ec15b542?a=0x1a11848434cafa84a676e70459015407ec15b542?a=0x1a11848434ca    

Every two weeks, YIELD App reveals business performance and other key indicators. It also exposes treasury rebalancing addresses (where the corporation buys back its YLD on the open market) and the total quantity of tokens acquired, in addition to the overall number of assets on the platform.

What are the Consequences?

  • The US dollar’s rise and fall. Stablecoins, which are based on the US Dollar, are backed by several DeFi instruments. YIELD App’s positions are dollar-neutral (for stablecoin pools) and asset-neutral (for other positions).
  • Due to the market’s youth and the overall volatility of digital assets, the DeFi business is infamous for its high volatility. With a diversified portfolio, YIELD App’s multi-strategy approach tries to limit volatility. 
  • Sharp and unexpected market collapses, as well as “Black Swan” level events 

“Unfortunately, there remains the ever-present risk of hacks or exploits in DeFi, where a cunning individual can take advantage of a weakness in the armor of a smart contract (through which all DeFi protocols are run) and drain the liquidity pool of a protocol,” says Justin Wright, CFO and COO of YIELD App. 

“Of course, we’re aware of this, and we’re doing all we can to minimise the dangers to our consumers.” We have best-in-class technology and personnel in place to keep such hazards to a minimum. Furthermore, we exclusively invest in a hand-picked group of well-proven methods for which we have conducted forensic due diligence, and we place a strong focus on diversification.”

What is the YIELD App’s revenue model?

YIELD App uses a variety of investing methods in the digital asset world, as well as the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem.

Most bitcoin interest account platforms depend on automatic lending procedures, therefore the firm is unusual in that it engages in active portfolio management. With thorough technical and commercial due diligence, the YIELD App intends to integrate risk mitigation, social intelligence and analytics, smart contract audits, and batch transactions.

“Our portfolio approach involves extensive investment risk mitigation, and our platform is safeguarded against intrusions to the fullest degree feasible employing a plethora of security measures,” Wright says. YIELD App continuously monitors and evaluates the most lucrative market-neutral techniques throughout the DeFi ecosystem, including liquidity mining, arbitrage, liquidations, margin and collateralized lending, as well as other income-producing tactics. We invest in carefully managed liquidity pools that fulfill our stringent risk and security requirements. We also use a comprehensive risk management strategy that helps us to attain the best risk/reward ratio possible.”

What is YIELD App (YLD): A Guide on the DeFi-Focused App – CoinCentral

The management approach of YIELD App seems to be based on diversification and active portfolio management.

“YIELD App invests in huge, selected liquidity pools in which our assets make up a modest percentage of the total.” We diversify within them to spread the risk. Furthermore, we have an active investing staff of professionals monitoring our positions 24 hours a day, seven days a week. “This is backed up by automated triggers that will transfer money into safe-haven assets before the bigger market can react,” Wright explains.

The Team

Over 40 people work at YIELD App, which is located all over the world. 

Many of the executives, such as CFO and COO Justin Wright and Chief Investing Officer Lucas Kiely, come from conventional financial backgrounds, with expertise in financial technology, investment, and banking. 

Former financial journalists, creative designers, and crypto-native digital marketers make up the YIELD App’s growth and marketing team. Jan Standberg, the Chief Growth Officer, and Adrien Geneste, the Chief Marketing Officer, both have an experience in crypto and digital marketing, having assisted in the development of the crypto startup Paxful. 

Tim Frost, the company’s CEO, has an experience in fintech and finance start-ups. Frost also spent a decade as a professional basketball player who competed all over the globe. 

What is YIELD App (YLD): A Guide on the DeFi-Focused App – CoinCentral

Conclusion: Is the YIELD App Legit?

The YIELD App offers a centralized method to connect with the decentralized financial world. Users deposit bitcoin, which is then handled by the platform’s in-house fund managers, who look for different methods to earn money in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

“As financial authorities all over the globe are quick to remind out, previous performance is no guarantee of future results and should not be used as a predictor of future returns,” Frost writes. 

What is YIELD App (YLD): A Guide on the DeFi-Focused App – CoinCentral

Partners in the YIELD App (source: YIELD App website)

“Within our own strategy, we place a strong emphasis on identifying low-volatility, long-term prospects that can produce the high payouts our consumers have grown to anticipate.” Our portfolio team takes a diverse approach to asset management, ensuring that assets are handled efficiently and consistently.”

Although the initiative is still in its early phases, it is worth keeping an eye on as one of the first DeFi fund providers.

“At the moment, YIELD App is of course far smaller than either BlockFi or Celsius, but this makes us agile,” Frost finishes. We serve as a link between the high-yielding realms of DeFi, which are normally only accessible to extremely experienced investors with plenty of spare time, and these more centralized businesses. For our users, this implies better rates of return with less friction.”

The YIELD App is available to all users worldwide, with the exception of a few dozen nations such as the United States. The team’s growth efforts are presently focused on emerging nations and areas, such as Asia and South America.

What is YIELD App (YLD): A Guide on the DeFi-Focused App – CoinCentral

What is YIELD App (YLD): A Guide on the DeFi-Focused App – CoinCentral

YLD is a decentralized application that was originally created as an open source project to help developers build their own decentralized apps. Yield App’s roadmap is focused on helping developers with the DeFi-Focused app, CoinCentral. Reference: yield app roadmap.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is yield Yld?

A: Yield is the amount of money that an investment earns.

What is yield app?

A: Yield is an app that helps you track your investments. It allows you to see how much interest and dividends are earned on your portfolio, as well as monitor the performance of individual stocks in real time.

How does yield app work?

A: The yield app is an application that will let you see what time your bus will arrive. It uses the GPS sensor on your phone to constantly update when and where it would be.

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