Validator Entry Thresholds on the Decline as Cloud-Based Staking Challenges Surmounted – Technology Bitcoin News


Validator Entry Thresholds on the Decline as Cloud-Based Staking Challenges Surmounted – Technology Bitcoin News

With the new deployment of hardware security modules combined with a communications module, the collaboration between Bluzelle and Equinix will significantly reduce the barriers that prevent equal distribution of capacity for potential non-compliant PoS nodes.

Reduce barriers to cloud hosting landscape switching

The gradual transition to proof of validity (PoS) consensus algorithms has addressed some of the most pressing issues facing the broader application of blockchain, such as scalability and power consumption. Despite these significant advantages over traditional blockchain performance verification (PoW), access to the problems was a significant barrier for potential node validators.

For an industry that strives to provide equal opportunities to all stakeholders and participants, the cost of a validation hub is notoriously high due to hosting and security requirements. These costs are associated with the operation of a reliable and efficient private infrastructure, which discourages most individuals from participating.

As a result, only companies with sufficient capital to fund their own hosting infrastructure and enterprise-level security protocols can participate in the offering, leaving small and medium-sized validation systems without access.

At the same time, while the cloud hosting architecture is super accessible to the average person and can be effectively combined with a private server infrastructure in terms of speed, performance and uptime, the security of information on the cloud network has proven difficult.

With the latest hardware security module (HSM) solution for cloud environments, infrastructure constraints on validation nodes can no longer occur.

Migrating to a cloud hosting environment

One of the main reasons why node validators do not work in a cloud infrastructure is the security restrictions that validators can impose on private keys. Validation nodes must be very effective in maintaining the reputation of the node. If a node is compromised for any reason and violates the stack’s connection protocol, it can degrade its reputation and lead to resolution, effectively losing some or all of the coins placed on the node’s stack.

Due to a lack of resources to protect the private keys needed to communicate with the network and verify transaction blocks, cloud-based staging has been ignored as a solution for small and medium validators. In this case, HSMs appeared as a response to leveling the playing field for validators.

Distributed database solution Bluzelle has partnered with digital infrastructure provider Equinix to implement a workaround that enables validators to effectively protect their private keys from the impact of cloud networks. By connecting the Equinix HSM smart key to the Bluzelle communication module, data exchange between the blockchain and the validator node can be seamless without compromising the HSM-protected private keys.

Validation potential for all

The new solution developed by Bluzelle lowers all barriers to stack placement and makes the use of cloud nodes much more affordable without compromising security. This effectively opens the door for any participant with an ordinary computer to become a network validator.

By implementing an enterprise-level HSM, validators don’t have to build private infrastructure and can leverage affordable providers like Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud. In addition, cloud hosting provides the speed and high performance needed to keep the reputation of the validation node high.

This new implementation solution will only be available for Cosmos from the start. However, Bluzelle plans to expand interoperability with other blockchains in the future, including Ethereum, enabling unprecedented access to deployment for community members who were previously left out due to high infrastructural barriers.

Do you think that lowering the entry threshold for validation bodies will significantly increase their number? Let us know your comments in the section below.

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