UFO sighting confirmed by the CIA is getting sold as an Ethereum NFT


The CIA is not a government agency that usually comes to mind when thinking about the token space. Or even the cryptocurrency space. So, it’s no surprise that some of our readers were surprised by the news that the CIA has confirmed a UFO sighting in the form of a physical object, the contents of which will be sold on Ethereum as an NFT.

It is no secret that Ethereum NFTs have been a hot topic for the fashion industry, and it seems that the trend is only going to continue with the release of a CIA-confirmed UFO sighting. (The internet entertainment community quickly dubbed this the “Fashion UFO sighting”, and who are we to argue?) It is yet to be confirmed how NFTs will be used to bring NPOs and the fashion industry together, but it will also mean that fashion enthusiasts will be able to use their Ethereum NFTs to engage with the new content in ways they haven’t been able to before.

UFO sighting confirmed by the CIA is getting sold as an Ethereum NFT The debate over the existence of extraterrestrial life ended when the CIA confirmed the authenticity of the most famous UAP evidence, the film Alien Autopsy. And it’s now being sold as a non-playable token (NFT), according to a report circulating. Prepare for the truth The CIA documents did not deny the Alien Autopsy. Our NFT will bring the story. @beeple @justinsuntron @BoredElonMusk @0x_b1 @pranksyNFT @DCLBlogger @FLAMINGODAO @twobadour #NFTCommunity #nft #crypto. https://t.co/xHbbpXLjp8 – roswellnft (@roswellnft) 21 May 2021 NFTs are blockchain-based representations of digital or real assets that prove that their owners are the true owners of the underlying assets they represent. The industry has grown from a niche market of less than $100 million in 2019 to $25 billion this year, attracting the attention of corporations, celebrities and eccentric collectors. Foreigners are also not monetized by this trend. Today is the 25th. In May, NFT footage from the film Alien Autopsy will be auctioned on Rarible, the largest decentralized, creator-driven NFT marketplace. Image: A rarity. UFO sighting confirmed by the CIA is getting sold as an Ethereum NFT Buyers will also receive a physical 16mm image of the original film, which was shot in 1947. The starting price at the time of publication is $1 million.

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The images clearly show an alien autopsy that crashed in Roswell, New Mexico in August 1947.  I have lived with this film and the story behind it for 30 years, says the owner of the original footage, British entrepreneur Ray Santilli. When I first saw the CIA documents confirming the Roswell event and the movie Alien Autopsy, a huge burden fell off my shoulders. I think the technology we use today was created in 1947 after the Roswell disaster, and the NFT and film frame offered at auction is by far one of the most valuable items ever offered at auction. The evidence of the alien autopsy is known throughout the world and has been broadcast on all the major television networks of the world. A Fox documentary about the film reached tens of millions of viewers, and the film was even mentioned in episodes of The X-Files and Seinfeld.


The soundtrack was discovered by Santilli, who acquired it in 1992 from a US Army employee while working on the Elvis Presley project. The authenticity of the film was then the subject of intense controversy until billionaire Robert Bigelow obtained a leaked memo confirming the film’s origin. A note from astronaut Edgar Mitchell’s archives describes CIA scientist Keith Green’s briefing on the film Alien Autopsy at the Pentagon. In 2001, Green submitted a report in which he stated: The film/video of the autopsy is real, the alien corpse is real, and the corpse in the film/video matches the photos Keith saw at a Pentagon briefing in 1987/88. Rarible is the largest decentralized, creator-centric NFT marketplace for a variety of multimedia content: digital art, collectibles, music, videos and more.

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