Top 5 Binance Smart Chain DeFi Protocols & DApps


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The Smart Chain DeFi Protocols is a new way of keeping track of and managing FIAT and Cryptocurrency assets. It allows users to track, manage, and use their own assets. It also allows users to see how their assets are performing in real-time, and quickly buy and sell assets whenever they need to. The best part about this system is that it’s completely decentralized and trustless, which means that nobody can influence how these assets perform.

Top 5 Binance Smart Chain DeFi Protocols & DApps

Top 5 Binance Smart Chain DeFi Protocols & DApps

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has launched a new blockchain alongside Binance Chain, called Binance Smart Chain (BSC), to provide an alternative blockchain network for DeFi and Web 3.0 applications.

In this guide, you will learn more about Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and find a list of the five best DApps on BSC.

What is a Binance Smart Chain?

Binance Smart Chain is a blockchain that works in parallel with Binance Chain, the original Binance blockchain.

BSC differs from Binance Chain in that it supports smart contracts and decentralized applications (DApps) and is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). DApp support means that people can run decentralized finance projects (DeFi) on BSC. Additionally, BSC is cross-chain, allowing users to transfer assets between Binance Chain and Binance Smart Chain.

BSC uses a consensus mechanism called proof-of-authority rate (PoSA) and has a blocking time of about three seconds. To become a validator, participants must bet on BNB, a domestic cryptocurrency. Validators receive a transaction fee.

Since BSC’s launch in September 2020, the platform has grown significantly. From 10. In February 2021, the blockchain’s daily transaction volume increased by 300%, surpassing Ethereum’s daily transaction volume by 30%.

The early success of Binance Smart Chain can be attributed to its low transaction costs, high processing speeds and compatibility with Ethereum’s virtual machine, making it easier for developers to move from Ethereum to BSC.

The 15th. In April 2021, the daily transaction volume on BSC was 4.7 million, compared to 1.2 million on Ethereum.

Top DApps for Binancesmart chain

BSC is becoming a popular alternative to Ethereum for running DeFi protocols and implementing decentralized applications. Below is a list of the top five DApps on BSC based on dollar amounts locked into smart contracts, according to data provided by DApp Radar.

Pancake Swap

PancakeSwap is an automated market maker (AMM) built on top of BSC that allows users to trade digital assets running on BSC. Additionally, PancakeSwap DeFi allows investors to create and deploy profitable farms on crypto assets to earn (potentially) high APIs on their virtual assets.

Top 5 Binance Smart Chain DeFi Protocols & DApps

PancakeSwap requires a wallet that is compatible with the Binance Smart Chain, such as Trust Wallet or MetaMask. The blockchain architecture allows MetaMask’s Ethereum wallet to communicate with BSC’s DApps. Then go to the website and plug in your wallet.

At this point, you can use the Binance Smart Chain Asset Exchange Platform (BEP20), provide liquidity to trading pools to earn trading commission income, and bid with liquidity provider tokens to earn harvest bonuses.

You can also enter the raffle on PancakeSwap to win prizes and sign up for a special NFT. The platform has a page called Initial Farm Offering (IFO) where users can access new tokens that have launched.

PancakeSwap is the largest automated market maker (AMM) on BSC, launched by anonymous developers. The protocol has been verified by CertiK, a company that performs security checks for blockchain projects.

The total value recorded on this platform was $8.2 billion at the time of writing.


Venus is a DeFi lending platform on BSC that allows users to borrow against collateral without having to undergo a credit check. Conversely, lenders can place funds in a loan pool to receive a higher than average variable interest rate on their digital assets.

Top 5 Binance Smart Chain DeFi Protocols & DApps

The platform has two tokens, based on the BEP-20: VAI and XVS. VAI is a stablecoin pegged to the US dollar, and the community uses XVS to manage and vote. Users can monetize VAI on demand after posting at least 200% collateral and receive XVS as an incentive to bring liquidity to the loan pools.

To earn interest on your digital assets with Venus, you need to connect your Binance smart wallet to the DApp. You will then need to select the property you wish to deposit and confirm the amount you wish to borrow. To complete the process, you must sign the transaction with your BSC wallet. You will receive interest as soon as the next block in the Binance Smart Chain is found.

The Venus community controls the management of the protocol, and Swipe is the project behind the protocol. Venus currently has a total value of over $10 billion.

Auto Farm Network

Autofarm Network is a DeFi platform that provides a DEX and a revenue aggregator. The platform provides storage options that automate the best options for the crop. Safes perform automatic actions such as. B. the use of assets such as cash and collateral and the automatic calculation of returns.

Top 5 Binance Smart Chain DeFi Protocols & DApps

Autofarm also offers an automatic replacement feature that allows users to switch from one token to another. This feature is in the development phase of the public alpha version.

As with all other DeFi platforms, you must first connect your wallet. Autofarm supports MetaMask, Wallet Connect and Binance Chain Wallet. The platform offers cross-chain products in BSC and Huobi ECO Chain (HECO).

The total value included in the smart contract for this platform is over $1.8 billion.

Nervous funding

Nerve Finance is an automated market maker that allows users to trade stablecoins and fixed assets on the Binance Smart Chain. On this platform, you can trade tokens and earn the native NRV cryptocurrency for using LP tokens. You can also earn VNR by participating in the VNR/BUSD pool on PancakeSwap.

Top 5 Binance Smart Chain DeFi Protocols & DApps

Nerve supports MetaMask and Binance Chain Wallet. You must join one of these portfolios to trade or make money with the platform. Users of Nerve also receive rewards in the form of lucrative earnings. This means that they are entitled to one third of the salary immediately and the other two thirds after six months.

An anonymous team launched Nerve Finance at 1. March 2021. CertiK performed an audit of the smart contracts on the platform. Details of the audit are available on the website.

The total value of Nerve is $482 million.


xWIN describes itself as a WiFi investment management platform designed to facilitate investments by providing a repository for WiFi investors to access BSC assets.

Top 5 Binance Smart Chain DeFi Protocols & DApps

The developers have integrated PancakeSwap into xWIN, which means users can bid and farm in this protocol. To use this feature, fund your account with the Binance token (BNB), and the xWIN Yield Optimizer Vault will automatically bid and farm into PancakeSwap for yield. The vault automatically increases agricultural yields by reinvesting them in the pool.

xWIN also offers various sector index funds in BSC, Trade Vault and several other vaults to help users maximize their returns. Investors can also use the xWIN token. The total cost of the lockdown is $1.5 million.

Please note that xWIN is in beta version and you need a MetaMask wallet to use the platform. The co-founders of xWIN are Calvin Tong and Fumihiro Arasawa.

Use at your own risk

Placing your digital assets in DeFi protocols is considered a high-risk cryptocurrency investment practice.

TheFi protocols on the Binance Smart Chain are still relatively new and may have unknown vulnerabilities in the code that could potentially be exploited by hackers. Moreover, many DeFi applications are created by anonymous teams, which means that there is virtually no legal protection in case of monetary loss due to operator error or theft.

To avoid these risks, users should only invest what they can afford to lose. In addition, investors are strongly advised to conduct their own due diligence before investing in a DeFi protocol.

This article is intended for informational and educational purposes only and should not be construed as investment, financial, legal or other advice. Investing in cryptocurrencies and tokens is highly speculative and the market is largely unregulated. Anyone considering this option should be prepared to lose their entire investment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Binance smart chain projects?

Binance is one of the most famous cryptocurrency exchanges that is widely used by many people to trade cryptocurrencies and tokens. There are many projects that are supported by Binance, but there are also many projects that are based on Binance smart chain. Binance smart chain projects are projects that use Binance smart chain to operate, including the development of Binance smart chain itself. System [ edit ] The final challenge is to create a new system for a smart home. The team will be given the specification and will have two days to create the system. This challenge is open-ended, so the team is free to approach this project in any way they want. Their project will be judged by a panel of judges from the industry, You’ll be using your machine learning capabilities to build a model that, given an image, will predict the likelihood of that image being a Binance fake trading volume data point. This will require you to dive into the world of cryptocurrency and try to understand the inner workings of the Binance platform.

What coins are on Binance smart chain?

The Binance Smart chain is a public blockchain that follows the footsteps of Ethereum and other smart chain projects, but with the difference that Binance is the core node to allow C, Java, Python, Go developers to develop in these languages through a unified smart contract interface. Binance smart chain will also support multiple programming languages, such as C ++, Java, Python, Go and so on, which makes it more accessible for the community to interact with the project. Binance smart chain is a wallet and a platform of trading pairs. And it is also one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Its trading pairs cover all the major cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, and many of the altcoins as well. The Binance smart chain is a fast, highly scalable network based on the Graphene technology. It innovates on the blockchain and combines it with an ecosystem that consists of BNB and BEP2. The platform is secure and reliable, and it offers fast transactions at low fees. The network is going through the second testing phase and has plans to have its mainnet released in the fourth quarter of 2018.

Does ledger support Binance smart chain?

As you know, Binance is a secure and reliable trading platform, and smart chain is a new cryptocurrency project. But is ledger support Binance smart chain? Yes, ledger support binance smart chain. Now let’s have a look at the binance smart chain wallet. If you want to know more about Binance smart chain, please click the following website link below: binance smart chain Binance chain is a  cryptocurrency and blockchain network that was launched by Binance, a platform for crypto-to-crypto trading and exchange. Binance aims to develop a highly scalable and decentralized exchange for blockchain assets. The Binance chain plans to make use of the token BNB to pay for trading fees, and the chain uses the native BNB coin as a store of value for investors.

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