The Bitcoin SV Blockchain: Powering the Future


Since bitcoin hit the market in 2009, its performance has been incredible. During this time, several altars were also put into use. The BSV called Bitcoin Satoshi Vision is one of them. It is now considered one of the most important and valuable decentralized currencies on the market. It is a peer-to-peer electronic payment system that enables ongoing transactions between users.

Bitcoin SV was created by Daniel Connolly and Steve Shadder at 16. August 2018, and Bitcoin SV was created by Satoshi Nakomoto when he created Bitcoin. Both operate differently with their own rules, standards and objectives.

The Bitcoin family is therefore being split into two parts: Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin CB. Both are currently leaders in the cryptocurrency market with huge market cap. Bitcoin is known as the world’s first cryptocurrency, while bitcoin cash (BCH) and bitcoin SV (BSV) are considered altcoins with different characteristics.

The identity of bitcoin’s creator is still a controversial topic. The reality is that the inventor of bitcoin is still an unknown figure. People around the world claim that Satoshi Nakamoto is the founder of bitcoin, but this has not been proven. Although many respected figures such as Satoshi Nakamoto appeared on the radar, the claim was false and all were rejected. So Nakamoto’s ID is coming. Craig Steven Wright has repeatedly claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto, but has provided no evidence to support this claim.

There have been numerous smear campaigns against Bitcoin SV and Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto, known in the real world as Dr. Craig Wright, proving that many are afraid of him and what he will do to the crypto-currency world. What exactly are they afraid of and what has Bitcoin SV done to earn this fear?

A brief history

The Bitcoin SV Blockchain: Powering the Future

After the Bitcoin community became divided twice, there are now three Bitcoin bills on the market. Core, which retained one of the original BTC ticker symbols, is supposed to behave like digital gold, an item that is held long after it is purchased, to be resold when its value rises. Blockchain technology has no other use because it cannot evolve.

Cash (BCH), on the other hand, has made a number of changes to the protocol since it became independent; and the protocol, which can be changed on a whim, is not stable and cannot be considered a reliable platform to build on. Additionally, CEO Roger Ver remains the go-to guy for industry giants looking to use blockchain technology to hide their criminal activities.


Bitcoin SVBlockchain

While BTC and BCH technologies have stagnated, Bitcoin SV (BSV), which Dr. Wright spearheaded, successfully restored the original Bitcoin protocol and unlocked unlimited scalability with the Genesis upgrade released in February 2020. It also created a favorable mindset among regulators and brought security to a level never before seen in the history of bitcoin. Bitcoin SV’s block size is already unlimited, and it continues to grow with unlimited scalability.

With these updates, international companies can now create platforms on the Bitcoin SV blockchain.  For example, EHR Data, Inc. and partner companies have decided to capture over 4 billion Bitcoin SV blockchain transactions in their healthcare database. Twetch, the responsible social media platform that has returned ownership of data to its users, is also based on BSV.

Blockchain – and it is particularly useful in preventing troll attacks and the spread of fake news. With the internet, everything can be online. Soon everyone will be in touch with Bitcoin SV.

So why are other cryptocurrencies scared of Bitcoin SV? Indeed, the Bitcoin SV blockchain offers a world where everything can be on a blockchain – a single global blockchain that can rule the world. So other cryptocurrencies will pale in comparison and maybe even their technology will become obsolete. Today, it’s a battle for survival between these cryptocurrencies as more and more businesses begin to see the power of Bitcoin SV.

The truth about Bitcoin mines CB

Bitcoin and Bitcoin SV work with the same work program. BSV claims to be 128 times faster and better than the BTC network, resulting in a better user experience and security program. Bitcoin SV, which uses a highly accurate SHA-256 mining algorithm to mine bitcoins. The extraction process is the same for both. Miners can choose any of the SHA network options, such as BTC, BSV, or BCH, to mine according to their needs.

Bitcoin SV vs Bitcoin Cash vs Bitcoin

The truth is that Bitcoin Cash starts with Bitcoin and runs on the Bitcoin blockchain. According to the white paper prepared by Satoshi Nakamoto, it comes with a limitation that some people didn’t like. Bitcoin has a block size of 1MB. You can do a lot of trading, but you don’t do it when the business blows up. Because of this problem, some Bitcoin developers wanted to increase the block size from 1MB to 8MB, but some were not willing to do so, and they split up and started developing Bitcoin Cash with a block size of 32MB. Those who switched from Bitcoin to Bitcoin Cash had problems with Bitcoin’s scalability and security. So the question is, when did Bitcoin SV start circulating? SV came to Bitcoin CASH in November 2018 after a fork.

Bitcoin SV offered better scalability and lower coast with a block size of 1258 MB, which was increased to 2000 MB by the developers. After this update, BSV became 100 times faster than bitcoin. The renewal of this unit was called Quasar. In 2020, the FSIA allowed an infinite number of transactions on its network. Marks calls this protocol Genesis. They are building a massive platform to create a global payment system that can process billions of transactions at minimal cost. BSV and Bitcoin work with the same proof-of-work algorithm. However, there is only one major difference: It is a fast and cheap peer-to-peer operation that benefits merchants.

How Bitcoin Works SV

As we have already understood, the Bitcoin and BSV protocols are very similar. BSV is separate from Bitcoin CASH and Bitcoin and operates on its own blockchain.

The BSV contains the cryptographic hash, transaction data, and timestamp of the previous block in each block. Once miners complete or verify a block by solving complex mathematical problems, a new SSB is generated and part of it is rewritten with the miners.

Benefits of Bitcoin SV (BSV)

There are essentially three differences that make the BSv unique.

  • Stable (BSV):  The block size is large compared to Bitcoin CASH (BCH) and Bitcoin SV. BCH has 32MB and Bitcoin has a maximum of 2MB. The BSV is now equipped with 128MB. Right away,
  • Operating expenditure: With larger blocks and block sizes, this will reduce transaction costs, which is a key point of ASB.
  • Network development: The development of BSV has taken a long time and will have many advantages in the near future that make it unique among other cryptocurrencies.

How to buy BSVand where to store it

There is a lot of trading on BSV, but buying from reputable brokers is cheap. You can buy it from the distributor through peer-to-peer services. Therefore, choosing and working with a reputable company is a real decision. When it comes to storing BSV or any other crypto currency, there are many options available to you. Once you have purchased the ASB, you can keep it in your digital and physical wallet. But of the two, safety is our first preference. If your wealth is in the millions, you should invest in hardware wallets like Ledger Nano X, Ledger Nano S that support Bitcoin SV. You can use atomic wallets like ElectrumSV, Exodus, Coinomi, Guarda, Centbee to store BSV or any other cryptocurrency.

Conclusion BSV

The price of BSV changes daily, but it can stay at the top of the crypto-currency. SV bitcoin posted its best performance of 2019 in May. BSV is currently in the top 30 crypto-currencies with the lowest price gains. Craig Wright, managing director of BSV, believes the company will continue to grow and modernise in the future.

The focus is on improving scalability and transaction costs, and attracting more investors to gain ground against other cryptocurrencies.

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