Safemoon fans attempt to get Kim Kardashian’s attention due to Ethereum Max post


Kim Kardashian may have overtaken Ethereum to be the second most valuable cryptocurrency in the world. And, according to a Twitter post by Ethereum’s co-founder, Vitalik Buterin, the world’s youngest billionaire may have gotten the message.

When bitcoin, the cryptocurrency that has been around for years, is finally getting a lot of attention, it seems like an odd time to be talking about a new cryptocurrency called “eth”. But that’s what is happening, as the “Ethereum Max” project has gained a lot of attention because it uses the Ethereum network to add thousands of new features to the bitcoin protocols.

TL;DR Breakdown • The safemoon community has endeavored to get Kim Kardashian to advertise the cryptocurrency. • Speculation by celebrities like Elon Musk interferes with the cryptocurrency prices. Safemoon cryptocurrency fans are teaming up to get Kim Kardashian’s attention. This occurs after the Reality Show star announced Ethereum Max. Kardashian advertised the ether tech crypto on Instagram and got a glowing reception. Kim’s Instagram profile has been flooded with thousands of eloquent posts for Safemoon. However, the lifestyle celebrity has not commented on the matter, but investors hope she will soon.

Ethereum Max rise

Safemoon fans attempt to get Kim Kardashian’s attention due to Ethereum Max post When actress, model, and reality TV star Kim Kardashian announced how good Ethereum Max is, cryptocurrency skyrocketed. The crypto burned over 400 billion tokens in a few minutes, corresponding to half of its portfolio. In this post, Kim also allowed the e-max community to grow by leaving a link. Public figures and celebrities influence the cryptocurrency prices. For example, the Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, can raise or lower the value of any cryptocurrency with a tweet. Safemoon investors undoubtedly want to profit from the fame and power these persons have on social networks. So they don’t tire of sending Kardashian posts about how brilliant the cryptocurrency is to promote.


Although fans’ effort to get the cryptocurrency recognized is high, the safemoon community is fractured. In addition, many investors have shown their skepticism about the trading strategy apply to cryptocurrency. Some traders think that Kardashian’s attention-grabbing strategy is idiotic and will be a waste of time. One user wrote that only idiots who follow Kim would blindly buy the cryptocurrency without knowing how it works. These hasty purchases can bring a bubble in its capitalization that will cause it to lose face instead of improving the token. However, other fans think that the technique is interesting because Kim will serve as a cryptocurrency promoter. Therefore, the token community may be making good decisions, which will influence the crypto’s price at the end of the year. An investor in the Safemoon community also suggested a $1 per person collection to send to Kardashian. The goal is for the cryptocurrency to reach her eyes so that the young model can speak highly of it. The cryptocurrency market has become speculative in recent years, and both Kardashian and Musk know how to take advantage of it. The Tesla CEO has spoken several times about BTC, which has increased its value. Musk recently announced that he would accept Bitcoin again for payments on his Tesla cars. This tweet comes after Musk refused to accept the cryptocurrency because it was not very “green.” Kim Kardashian has not responded to her fan posts about the new cryptocurrency, but she could. In recent months, the reality show star has been interested in crypto.

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