Razor Network Partners With Litentry


Razor Network Partners With Litentry

Singapore, Singapore, 23. April 2021, The thread of the chain

Razor Network offers its Litentry validator network to validate data from multiple blockchain networks.

Razor Network, the first truly decentralized network for dApps, has partnered with Litentry, a multi-chain decentralized identity aggregator (DID). The partnership will allow Litentry to use Razor’s network of validators to authenticate data collected across multiple blockchains for its DID aggregator.

As one of Oracle’s core networks, the Razor network provides reliable and secure real-time data flows for smart contracts used in a variety of decentralized applications. It is a blockchain-agnostic solution designed to ensure data integrity through a robust network of validators. All Razor network validators support security and self-regulation to ensure data validity by installing RAZOR tokens.

Establishment of a unique and decentralised digital identity

On the blockchain, the DID is a unique property identifier that allows users to access various services including credit, KYC verification, DAO and other services offered by various dApps. Since there are no universal standards for dApps and different blockchain systems are used, this leads to the creation of multiple DIDs for a single entity. Litentry’s DID Aggregator makes it easy to manage digital identifiers for users and applications by integrating DIDs from different networks and standards into a single platform. In addition, Litentry allows each user to upload and share identity verification algorithms over the network, simplifying the entire process of indexing, authenticating, linking and aggregating DIDs in a single service.

The Razor Validator network will act as a fully decentralized third party verifier of DID data. It will ensure the accuracy of digital identifiers compiled from different blockchains before entering them into the Litentry smart contract.

Announcing the partnership, Razor Network CEO Hrishikesh Huilgolkar said,

Littentry plays a key role in the blockchain industry today. With identities spread across multiple blockchain protocols, Litentry collects all this information in one place, ensuring that the user experience of identity management in DApps is as seamless as Web2.0. We look forward to assisting Litentry in its efforts by verifying the data it collects. One of our main goals is to work with projects that have a similar vision to Razor, and Litentry fits perfectly into that vision.

Hanwen Cheng, CEO of Litentry Network, said of the partnership: Razor delivers robust data for decentralized protocols and applications. We look forward to working with the Razor network to create a fair and attractive mechanism for data providers to index identity-related data.

The use of a highly reliable, decentralized Razor Validator network eliminates the need for centralized third parties and the associated potential single points of failure that could compromise sensitive information. Litentry will also be able to maintain full transparency throughout the data acquisition and aggregation process.


About Littentry

Littentry is a decentralized, multi-chain identification aggregator (DID) built on a substrate base. It connects user identities from multiple blockchain networks to create a decentralized, verifiable identity aggregation service that eliminates the code redundancy and inconvenience associated with resolving agnostic DID mechanisms. The Litentry DID Aggregator is compatible with all DID standards and has a robust DID data interface. Anyone can create DIDs and submit them to Litentry, making identities easily accessible in Web3.0.

About the shaver network

Razor Network is Oracle’s decentralized network that provides secure and reliable real-time data channels for various blockchain-based applications and services, such as. B. Decentralized finance, identity, insurance, predictive markets, etc. Razor’s performance is superior to that of traditional centralized oracle services because Razor relies on a network of validators to authenticate data and ensure maximum theoretical in-game security. Furthermore, Razor is blockchain independent and can be easily integrated by developers working with a range of blockchain networks.

More information about Razor Network – https://razor.network/

Follow the Razor Network on Twitter – https://twitter.com/razor_network.

Telegram – https://t.me/razornetwork

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Medium – https://medium.com/razor-network

White Paper – https://razor.to/whitepaper


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