Opolo Cosmos Review – Next-Generation Hardware Wallet


If you look closely at the number of cryptocurrency holders in the world, one thing is clear: Cryptocurrencies are here to stay. According to a recent report, there are more than a hundred million crypto currency users in the world, and this number is still growing every day. Well, that’s a pretty big number of people. The most interesting part: Members of Generation Z are also starting to take an interest in cryptocurrencies. As the name suggests, a crypto-currency wallet is a modern, or rather digital, version of your regular wallet. You can’t trade crypto-currencies without.

These handbags come in a wide variety of styles. In addition, each type of portfolio has its own assets and liabilities. With the incredibly high number of hackers, you need a wallet that won’t scare you away. Excited? No problem, we’ll take care of you! We have developed an advanced product that eliminates your fears and guarantees maximum security for your property. Today we take a look at the brand new OPOLO crypto-currency hardware wallet.

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Opolo Cosmos Review – Next-Generation Hardware Wallet

OPOLO Cosmos – Your unique solution

Just because you’re new to the business doesn’t mean you’re less successful. In fact, innovation is always a completely new concept. TheOPOLO Cosmos is a combination of invincibility, exceptional performance and adaptability. In short, it’s a one-stop solution for all your daily crypto-currency transactions.


What makes OPOLO COSMOS unbeatable?

It acts as an impenetrable barrier between your money and intruders. The most important elements that increase safety are listed below.

Deciphering the jargon: EAL certification is a classification assigned to protected objects based on their level of security. The total number is 7, of which 1 to 5 are for these chips. The OPOLO COSMOS uses a patented element manufactured by NXP that has CC EAL 6+ rating. No secure chip has surpassed this level of security. This makes it virtually impossible for a hacker to think of attacking your funds. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Moreover, for the first time, a hardware wallet that is not even on the market yet has been tested and certified with the IoT Secure label by Paris-based Digital Security. This process took almost a year and a half.

Because OPOLO places asset security above all else, the portfolio owner can choose a password of up to 120 characters. Long passwords are confusing and almost impossible to guess. This way, you won’t have to worry about your coins even if you forget your wallet somewhere and someone else has access to it. Bad news for people with a bad memory: If you forget your password, OPOLO will only give you seven attempts to enter it correctly, otherwise your wallet will be deactivated and you will need a new device to restore your account. Write down this password on the paper cards provided.

In addition, the device requires its own unique password – to initiate transactions – and the app has its own login process to transfer orders from the portfolio. This is because OPOLO wallets only communicate with real, non-tampered OPOLO applications (desktop/mobile). In addition, the information transfer between the two systems is end-to-end encrypted and occurs via USB.

For the save mnemonic (aka recovery phase), you’ll find OPOLO cards in the box. Of the five cards given, only three are needed to support the mnemonics.

Opolo Cosmos Review – Next-Generation Hardware Wallet


Excellent ease of use

OPOLO is a service product that is sure to appeal to many users. It could be you!

If you have used different hardware portfolios, you know the difficulties they present. Either the size is extremely small – it barely fits in the hand – or the miniature screens obstruct the view. Fortunately, you don’t have to fight anymore. The OPOLO has a large 3.2″ screen that clearly displays the simple user interface. Moreover, the size of the wallet makes it more comfortable to use. It is also ideal for hikers, as it can be safely held in the hand or even in the pocket without fear of losing it.

Many cryptocurrency owners – in fact most of them – own multiple coins because they are popular in their community. So they face huge obstacles and risks (in the long run) because they have to install a lot of plug-ins or software to replace their components from time to time. This is because hardware wallets typically support multiple coins/tokens. This compromises the security of your portfolio. OPOLO Cosmos, however, allows you to collect up to 120 coins and 200,000 chips, and the big flush allows you to add many more later. Moreover, these add-ons can be activated by a simple upgrade, so there is no need to invest additional money in a new portfolio. This clearly demonstrates that superior usability and economy go hand in hand with OPOLO Cosmos. Speaking of prices: You could say the portfolio is worth its price. Moreover, it is an asset to your state of mind and will not strain your budget.

In addition, OPOLO Cosmos allows you to convert your coins for maximum profit. It provides a transparent and cost-effective exchange of fiat funds in cryptocurrencies with Coinify. Additionally, it is also compatible with 1inch purses to ensure you get the highest deals for your coins. As a result, it has established itself as the leading hardware wallet for all cryptocurrency holders around the world.

Whether it’s a part exchange or a routine backup, everything can be done in minutes, with just a few clicks on OPOLO Cosmos.

Opolo Cosmos Review – Next-Generation Hardware Wallet



Finally, adaptability is one of the key features that distinguishes the Cosmos from OPOLO.

Wallet makes the user’s life easier by taking the work out of their hands and doing everything themselves. For example, as we have mentioned in this article, you don’t have to deal with tedious tasks like finding the most suitable programs/plugins and installing them on your system to proceed.

Once unlocked, the wallet connects via USB to the OPOLO Desk app hardware on your phone or desktop computer. This is where the activity really started, immediate and very easy to understand. These applications can be downloaded and used on multiple devices: (1) Windows [64-bit] (2) Linux [64-bit] (3) macOS Sierra [10.10 and higher].

OPOLO also offers a mobile app, which is a boon to many – seriously, who wants to open a desktop when you can do all your tasks on your phone? Unfortunately, the OPOLO mobile application is currently only available to users of Android phones. Fortunately, there are plans to introduce it for iPhone users as well. So let’s lay low for now!

An additional security measure: strong password management. This is where your passphrases, passwords and two-factor authentication keys are stored. These passwords are not limited to the OPOLO portfolio, they can also be found on other websites.

Opolo Cosmos Review – Next-Generation Hardware Wallet



What’s the best part? If you can get all these benefits at a very reasonable price. To enjoy all of the above benefits, we recommend that you purchase the OPOLO portfolio package. They contain everything you need to get the most out of your hardware portfolio. These kits include the following accessories:

  • Paper cards: helps to remember the password
  • USB cable : You must connect the wallet to the application or the wallet will not work.
  • OPOLO cards: required for standby sharding activation.


Opolo Cosmos Review – Next-Generation Hardware Wallet


In general, beginners are advised to start with dynamic portfolios (because of their ease of use) with a relatively small amount of money. Hardware portfolios are in fact much more technical and complicated to use. Thanks to OPOLO, that’s not necessary. You can never go wrong with a hardware wallet, especially with the upcoming launch of OPOLO Cosmos. This is the best investment you can make before – or even after – you begin your journey with cryptocurrencies. Book your wallet now for €1 and get 51% off.

With unparalleled security, a world-class user experience and great versatility, OPOLO Cosmos has the potential to become the user’s first choice. That’s why Forbes is in the top 10 portfolios of 2020. What are you waiting for? Go to their website and reserve your unit now.

Any thoughts/questions? Tell us about it in the comments!


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