Now, INDMoney App users can invest in leading cryptocurrencies


INDMoney has been adding several crypto-currencies to its app, and now you can invest in 10 of them. Among the additions are Monero, Ripple, and several others. The app was designed by the same team that brought you INDMoney, a crowdsourced investment app that lets anyone invest in the stock market. They created the app to help novice investors keep up with the pros.

The INDMoney app seeks to bring a fresh change to the fintech industry and the way people invest their money. The latest addition is the addition of cryptocurrency, and the first investment opportunities on the app are cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. This is a massive step in the right direction for financial technology and the way people invest money.

INDMoney users can invest in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Ripple, Cardano and Uniswap.

The Gurugram-based tech investment startup is now offering fractional ownership of cryptocurrencies through its TechStars virtual exchange, which allows tokenized shares of Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft and other tech giants to be traded along with cryptocurrencies.

Founded in 2018 by Ibibo co-founder Ashish Kashyap, Pratiksha Dake and Varun Bhatia, INDMoney is a personal financial advisor offering advice on asset classes, credit and tax management. It allows consumers to organize and track their assets in investment areas such as fixed deposits, ETFs, mutual funds, etc.

As the company explains, a virtual share is a representation of the parallel value of the stock. It is not part of a real holding company. So virtual property is essentially a method of calculating value, provided in the form of INDcoins. She added that the virtual partial ownership is only one part of this property.

In the case of INDMoney, buying back the investment is possible, but it seems much more complicated than it should be if the goal is to educate the user base about cryptocurrencies. Users must sell their virtual assets on TechStars to get INDcoins into their INDMoney account. They can also get money in their account by transferring virtual shares to a friend, who must then claim the rights to those virtual shares. Alternatively, the actual monetary value of the INDcoins could be credited to the user’s bank account. Currently, the buy-in price on TechStars is 10 INDcoins, which is equivalent to 1 INR.

There are over 200 blockchain startups in India, most of which focus on cryptocurrencies (interesting fact – ItsBlockchain was one of the first blockchain startups in India!) Despite reports of a possible ban on cryptocurrencies in India, policymakers who recognize the immense value of cryptocurrencies and their impact on our economy should recognize the diversity of their use. Prominent Indian cryptocurrency startups have seen their trading volume and number of registered users increase by 400% after the ban was lifted.

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Now, INDMoney App users can invest in leading cryptocurrencies

. He is one of the very first enthusiasts of blockchain and cryptocurrency in India. After working in the field for several years, he founded IBC in 2016 to help other early adopters learn about the technology.
Before joining CBI, Hitesh founded 4 companies in the field of cyber security and IT.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Cryptocurrency is best to invest now?

Bitcoin is the most well-known cryptocurrency, and it’s likely the most important, at least according to the numbers: Bitcoin has the largest market capitalization of any cryptocurrency right now, at around $250 billion. However, it’s not the best cryptocurrency to invest in. That title goes to XRP, which has a market cap of over $70 billion, compared to BTC’s $250 billion. The cryptocurrency market is one of the most volatile markets in the world, with many investors having lost a fortune in an instant. So, how do you choose from the literally thousands of cryptocurrencies available? Well, it really depends on what kind of investor you want to be. Are you looking for the next Bitcoin? Then consider investing in an established cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Are you looking for a risky play, where you might reap huge profits? Are you looking to get rich quick? Then you should consider investing in a new altcoin like Monero, Dash, or Ripple.

Which Cryptocurrency is best to invest in India?

In recent years, cryptocurrencies have become all the rage. Many people have made huge amounts of money investing in them, and many have lost it all. So what is the best cryptocurrency to invest in? Well, it depends on the country you live in. This post will be looking at which cryptocurrency is best to invest in India. There are a few different options, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Monero, and each has its own pros and cons. Of course, the same is true for the others. Cryptocurrencies have exploded in popularity as the underlying blockchain technology has matured – and as security measures have improved. In this article, we’ll describe the main cryptocurrencies in alphabetical order, and highlight the pros and cons of each. As you’ll see, there are pros and cons to all of them; the best cryptocurrency to invest in will depend on your investment goals. (*) Coinmarketcap has been used as a source for Historical price data of the cryptocurrencies.

What is the next big investment like Bitcoin?

Many people are wondering what the next big investment will be like Bitcoin. One of the closest solutions is Monero. Monero is like Bitcoin. It uses a decentralized blockchain. It is an open source type of cryptocurrency. The big difference between Monero and Bitcoin is the anonymity. Bitcoin is not anonymous. Monero is anonymous. A few days after my Reddit post, I received a job offer from Buzzfeed The job offer: “Our team has reviewed your resume and we would like to invite you to consider working as a writer for The position is a remote, on-site position located in our Los Angeles office, and the job entails writing a variety of posts in many different categories, such For those who’ve missed the news, the latest big thing in the cryptocurrency market is Monero, a digital currency that’s a favorite of online criminals. But Monero is so much more than that. For starters, it’s based on the same cutting-edge technology that underpins Bitcoin, but with an added layer of privacy features that make it very attractive to people who want to keep their payments anonymous. And while it’s been around for a few years, it’s only really taken off in the last couple of months, as criminals discovered that it’s the perfect tool for laundering money. Still, despite its association with the dark web and the black market, it’s not all bad news for Monero.

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