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The Nasdaq has recently released a new trading platform based on blockchain technology, and this is good news for crypto enthusiasts. (If you missed this latest SEC news, join us on March 18 at 1:30pm EST as co-hosted by our favorite crypto YouTuber, Max Keiser.​)

Nasdaq, the world’s largest public company by market capitalization, has proposed using blockchain technology to tokenize real estate. The idea, called NOMAD, is intended to solve the problem of fractional ownership of real estate. NOMAD would allow homeowners to tokenize property ownership by creating a private blockchain with a smart contract that would be a representation of the deeds and contracts associated with the property. The token would then be transferable and could be sold to a third party.

Introduction to Nasdaq’s vision to tokenize real estate and tZERO’s new product for institutional investors.

Platform for Nasdaq Marketplace Services

Real estate is generally considered to be the most ripe of all the sectors anticipated to be changed by digital securities. Johan Toll, Nasdaq’s Vice President and Head of Digital Assets, recently discussed why this is the case and what Nasdaq is doing about it.

“Creating a marketplace for issuers (property owners), investors, and other stakeholders by issuing real estate tokens on a distributed ledger technology (DLT)-based platform may be the answer to moving the real estate market to the next level.”

Nasdaq developed its own “Marketplace Services Platform (MSP)” in late June to help it get to this “next level.” The goal of this service is to offer “next-generation marketplace capabilities across the transaction lifecycle to enable the seamless exchange of assets, services, and information across different kinds of market ecosystems.”

With real estate being one of these market ecosystems, Johan Toll mentions the following sectors as a few that may be changed using the MSP.

  • There is no longer a need for parties to reconcile via conventional methods.
  • When it comes to bringing new assets to market, you may expect a faster turnaround time.
  • Fractionalization allows for greater market participation.

While Johan Toll focuses on how Nasdaq’s MSP can revolutionize real estate markets, the platform is capable of so much more. It will, ideally, play a significant part in the expected broad acceptance of digital securities in general.

Vlad Estoup, Atlas One Digital Securities Research and Data Analyst, also elaborated on the condition of real estate and how DLT might help its investors in a recent addition to our on-going series ‘Thought Leaders.’

Exodus Orientation

Exodus has managed to stay afloat in a sea of digital asset wallets that have come and gone throughout the years. It has done so by providing a sleek, versatile, and simple platform that not only allows users access to a wide range of assets, but also gives them complete control over their private keys – after all, “not your keys, not your currency.”

This ‘stickiness’ is also driven by the capacity to anticipate and plan for future trends. Exodus has demonstrated this by hosting its own digital securities offering (DSO), which raised $75 million. Investors who participated in this event may now trade their freshly issued Exodus digital assets on the popular tZERO ATS, which has announced that it has begun onboarding.

Nasdaq Eyes Tokenized Real Estate while tZERO Begins Onboarding Exodus Investors – Digital Securities Weekly

While there is no set date for when real trading will begin, tZERO says that ‘trading of Exodus Class A common stock is expected to begin on the tZERO ATS this quarter (Q3 2021)’. Existing tZERO customers who missed out on the Exodus DSO may now get exposure to one of the industry’s most popular wallets, in addition to offering a home for trading these assets and liquidity in the process.

The Nasdaq is taking a unique approach to tokenized real estate by targeting real estate developers who use blockchain technology. The firm is looking to provide liquidity for the developers’ digital assets. The first companies under this initiative are tZERO and Digital Developers.. Read more about quickswap total value locked and let us know what you think.

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