Mexican billionaire says ‘buy Bitcoin’ in new year message


There are a few trends that have been present in the cryptocurrency sphere for years now, but most of these things seem to be about as popular and mainstream as Bitcoin is right now. One thing has also remained constant throughout all this time: Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim Helu’s love for good investing advice. He said “Buy bitcoin” in his New Year message on Wednesday, January 2nd according to Bloomberg

The “bitcoin price live” is a cryptocurrency that has been on the rise in recent months. The Mexican billionaire, Carlos Slim, says in a new year message that Bitcoin should be bought this year.

Mexican billionaire says ‘buy Bitcoin’ in new year message

Mexican billionaire says ‘buy Bitcoin’ in new year message


On Christmas Eve, Mexico’s third-richest individual issued a heartfelt new year letter to Bitcoin (BTC) supporters. In a two-minute holiday video, Ricardo Salinas Pliego suggested ditching fiat money and investing in bitcoin. 

As part of his Christmas and New Year address, he offers three bits of advise to his 957,200 Twitter followers before encouraging them to repost and share:

“Avoid fiat money at all costs. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the US dollar, the Euro, or the Japanese yen. It’s phony money made out of falsehoods on paper. Central banks are pumping out more money than they have in the past.”

“Invest in Bitcoin!” he says, pausing before pointing to the camera.

The other two “gifts” of wisdom Salinas gave his followers, while standing in front of a golden Christmas tree, were to let go of envy and to trust in oneself, especially while seeking freedom and creativity.

It’s unsurprising that Salinas advises against investing in Bitcoin. Since 2013, he has become a famous Bitcoin enthusiast, and his Twitter profile merely states that he is a “Mexican businessman and Bitcoin holder.”

Salinas wants to establish Banco Azteca, Mexico’s second-largest retail bank, the country’s first BTC-accepting institution. In June of this year, however, Salinas, head of the bank’s parent firm, Grupo Salinas, was dissatisfied.

Mexico’s central bank responded by declaring that cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin are not legal cash and cannot be used in the country’s financial system. Alejandro Daz de León, the governor of the Bank of Mexico, rejected Bitcoin as a valid legal money in September, citing price volatility as a key impediment to broad acceptance.

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Salinas is unlikely to be deterred. He’s been orange-pilling Mexico’s 128 million people since the summer, and he discussed his belief in BTC as a non-confiscatable asset in a January interview with Cointelegraph.

He also said in the interview that he originally purchased BTC for $500 in 2013 via Grayscale, and that it was one of his “greatest investments ever” by 2018. He’s also tweeted in support of Bitcoin remittances, potentially tapping into a $40 billion industry for Mexicans transferring cross-border payments to the US.

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In a new year message, Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim said “buy Bitcoin” and that cryptocurrencies are the future. The price of dogecoin has increased by almost 1,000% in the past month. Reference: dogecoin price.

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