Investing in Shopify (NASDAQ: SHOP)


Investing in Shopify (NASDAQ: SHOP)

Shopify (NASDAQ: SHOP) is a Canadian company that provides an online shopping platform for merchants. With a comprehensive product offering, retailers using Shopify have access to applications that can be used for website creation, payment processing, marketing and customer engagement. Shopify’s highly customizable platform is used by millions of online stores worldwide. Shopify customers benefit from a user-friendly platform that helps them manage and grow their business.  The company continues to innovate by working with developers around the world to expand the e-commerce ecosystem and introduce new features to the platform.

What is a store (Shopify, SHOP)?

Shopify was founded in 2004 by Tobias Lutk and Scott Lake. When the couple tried to set up an online snowboard shop, they were not satisfied with the existing website tools on the market and decided to set up their own company to meet the growing demand. As developers of training software, the two men have developed a new toolkit to build their Snowdevil website. Based on the lessons they learned from building their own website, they refined their product and launched it as Shopify in 2006. To fuel growth, Shopify launched its application programming platform (API) in 2009. This API allowed third-party developers to create applications in Shopify that were part of the customization options of the vendor’s website. These applications have added important features, such as website themes and streamlined chargeback processes, making Shopify one of the most customizable e-commerce platforms in the world. In the following years, the company grew at a rapid pace before finally going public in 2016.

Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, Shopify now has more than one million retailers worldwide, from small businesses to the world’s largest corporations, relying on Shopify to run their e-commerce stores. Well-known companies that use Shopify include Google and Tesla. The company is an important part of the Canadian technology ecosystem and is the largest publicly traded company in Canada by market capitalization. Shopify has about 7,000 employees worldwide and boasts a dedicated and innovative workforce. In May 2020, the company made headlines when it announced, barely two months after the pandemic began, that it would go digital by default, allowing employees to work remotely permanently. With these solutions, the company has demonstrated its ability to attract the best talents, allowing it to continuously develop new and innovative ideas for its products and services.

Why is SHOP important?

One thing that sets Shopify apart from its competitors is its integration with other marketplace platforms. It began in 2017 when the company partnered with Amazon to allow Shopify merchants to sell directly on Amazon. Shopify’s integration with the Amazon marketplace gives sellers access to a huge user base and additional sales channels. Suppliers can also benefit from synchronized inventory across multiple platforms, making it easier to track and fulfill orders. Shopify is also fully integrated with Facebook through the Facebook Store feature. Through this channel, Shopify products can be displayed directly on the merchant’s Facebook page, allowing them to be purchased directly outside of the social media platform. Other platforms with similar integration capabilities include Pinterest, Snapchat and Slack.

In addition, internal integration with a number of other payment processing technologies has led to mutually beneficial partnerships over time. For example, Shopify partnered with Alipay in late 2020, allowing you to make purchases on Shopify-built sites using the payment processing app, which is very popular in China. The partnership has made shopping easier for one billion Alipay users and gives merchants access to a large and lucrative overseas market.

Stores (SHOP) Perspectives

Shopify is constantly innovating and listening to merchant feedback to improve its service. The company has recently begun exploring product and service offerings in the fintech space, and several promising product announcements have been made. This includes Shopify Balance, a digital solution that allows small businesses to better manage their finances. Shopify Balance consists of a physical or virtual debit card and a full suite of in-house financial tools, including cash flow analysis, billing and expense tracking. The card also offers a bonus for marketing and shipping costs. Shopify Balance’s main selling point is the ability for merchants to separate their business finances from their personal finances without having to work with traditional banking institutions to open complex business accounts. The product is expected to hit the market around 2021, with the first phase targeting retailers in the United States.

Another new service that will benefit merchants and shoppers alike is the upcoming change to Shopify Pay. Through a partnership with Affirm, Shopify is taking advantage of the ability to buy now and then pay for the option to buy in US stores in 2021. This integration is important for both companies because it allows them to target a younger online audience that could benefit from these payment plan options. As part of the agreement, Affirma was granted exclusive rights to fund Shopify in exchange for an equity stake in Affirma. Shopify has already benefited substantially from this partnership, with $2 billion. The company’s Affirm IPO took place just six months after the deal was signed for $500,000. This partnership is a good example of Shopify’s ability to seek mutually beneficial relationships and identify the potential of new products and services.

Where can I buy a shop (SHOP)?

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Shopify has opened the doors for millions of small businesses to customize their online presence quickly and easily. Over the years, new features have been added and the platform has become a one-stop shop for merchants’ needs. By adding new features, such as Shopify Balance and Shopify Pay, the company has demonstrated its ability to respond to customer feedback and develop products and services that meet ever-changing needs.

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