How to Buy Bitcoin SV (BSV) in 2021 [Step-by-Step Buyer’s Guide]


I would venture to say that the future of blockchain will live or die – albeit in a very hyperbolic sense – depending on its transmission by a specific subset of human civilization – the large corporations. After all, they are the source and guarantee of much of humanity’s prosperity. Bitcoin SV is a particular blockchain that is trying to get into this business. With this knowledge, you may be interested in learning more about how to buy Bitcoin SV and its BSV tokens.

How to Buy Bitcoin SV (BSV) in 2021 [Step-by-Step Buyer’s Guide]

Of course, the name will bring back some memories, probably because of the name Bitcoin. Bitcoin SV was born from a fork in the road of Bitcoin Cash, which itself was a fork in the road of good old Bitcoin.

There is no doubt that the mystery surrounding Satoshi Nakamoto’s shadow has left many confused about his true vision for the creation of bitcoin. This is the vision Bitcoin SV is putting forward to achieve its goal of creating an enterprise-level blockchain.

The name itself stands for Bitcoin Satoshi Vision and thus for the core values on which Bitcoin SV is based. They believe in creating a versatile, modular, scalable and powerful blockchain that can be easily customized at scale for businesses, institutions and corporations.

Bitcoin SV wants to be the workhorse of a decentralized global community. So, if you want to know more about the BSV crypto-currency, read the How to buy SV Bitcoin guide.

QUICK GUIDE : How do I buy Bitcoin SV (BSV)?

1. Go to the HitBTC website and then click on Register to create a new account.
2. Complete the required registration process, including email verification, and then set up two-factor authentication (2FA) for added security. Optionally, you can check your account to see if you have access to additional services.
3. Click Deposit and then choose whether you want to buy a cryptocurrency with fiat (and exchange it for BSV later) or deposit the cryptocurrency directly into your new HitBTC wallet.
4. If you want to buy crypto currencies with funds, click on Fund Account, then click on the Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card banner to buy BTC.
5. If you want to upgrade your account with a cryptocurrency, click the Upgrade button, find the cryptocurrency you want to upgrade on the portfolio page, and then click the + (plus) icon under the Upgrade column of the table.
6. Once you have crypto-currencies in your HitBTC portfolio, click Exchange to start the trading interface and look for BSV in the Instruments window. Then select the trading pair you wish to buy SSBs with and enter the desired price and purchase amount. You can also buy BSV using the market caps and let HitBTC pick the price for you.

How to Buy Bitcoin SV (BSV) in 2021 [Step-by-Step Buyer’s Guide]

Where to buy Bitcoin SV (BSV) – Top 5 Marketplaces

At the time of writing this guide on how to buy Bitcoin SV, the native BSV cryptocurrencies are among the most valuable tokens on the markets today. With a CoinMarketCap #21 position, based on Bitcoin SV’s market cap, BSV is certainly no small fish.

It also remains a very popular crypto currency for many people for its utility or investment value. However, it is also surprisingly difficult to find BSV on some of the more common cryptocurrency exchanges.

Popular and reputable exchanges like Binance, Kraken, Coinbase and others do not support Bitcoin SV or the cryptocurrencies BSV, for example.

You can use websites like CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko to find a more comprehensive list of all supported markets. But fortunately, there are still good options for other cryptocurrency exchanges that list Bitcoin SV BSV tokens where you can easily buy them.

Of course, each exchange has its own advantages and disadvantages over the other cryptocurrency markets. Some of these benefits make buying Bitcoin SV easier than others.

At the same time, some exchanges may be more convenient to use or offer more functionality. More choice is always a good thing. To make buying a Bitcoin SV guide easier, we’ve listed the 5 exchanges we most recommend that offer BSV tokens.

How to Buy Bitcoin SV (BSV) in 2021 [Step-by-Step Buyer’s Guide]

Step-by-step guide to buying bitcoins SV

Next, in our Bitcoin SV buying guide, we will discuss the buying process on the above cryptocurrency exchanges in detail. This usually includes everything from opening an account to depositing money to trading BSV Bitcoin SV tokens. For this overview of how to buy SV bitcoin, we will use HitBTC as a demonstration tool.

Of course, each cryptocurrency exchange will have its own stages, with unique features and quirks that differ from our examples below. And based on our list of the top 5 exchanges above, all of the exchanges listed have pretty good options for those looking to buy Bitcoin SV or any other cryptocurrency. We’ll take a step-by-step look at how to buy Bitcoin SV on HitBTC, and hopefully give you an idea of how it works regardless of which exchange you use.

Steps 1 and 2 – Create an account on HitBTC

First of all, of course, we have to register with HitBTC. But before you start interacting with anything on HitBTC site, make sure you visit the right site, because there are many malicious and suspicious sites that try to imitate legitimate sites to scam users online. These sites can steal personal information and data or download and install all kinds of viruses or malware on your computer.

The easiest way to check if you are on a real HitBTC site or a fake one, is to check the URL and look for spelling mistakes. If the URL says, or something similar – no matter how thin – it’s not a real HitBTC site. We have simplified the process with the links above. Now go to the HitBTC website and click on the big red button in the top right corner that says Register.

Click on it and follow the on-screen instructions to proceed with opening a HitBTC account. It’s easy, and we strongly recommend you use a strong password. Another important detail you should know before continuing with the guide on how to buy Bitcoin SV is that HitBTC – like all other cryptocurrency exchanges – is free to open an account. This is different from a regular bank account, which requires a small initial deposit.

How to Buy Bitcoin SV (BSV) in 2021 [Step-by-Step Buyer’s Guide]

After completing the initial setup, HitBTC will send a verification link to your email address. As with any other online service, it is a good idea to check that you allow an account to be created at this email address. Look for this email in your inbox, click on the verification link in the email and send it to HitBTC to complete your account creation.

Before we go any further, we also recommend that you enable two-factor authentication (2FA) for your HitBTC account. You can reach it via the gear icon, located in the top right corner under your account settings after you log in. This is optional, but it increases the security of your account. You can then use an authentication application, such as. B. Google’s Authenticator, to manage your 2FA codes with HitBTC.

You will now be asked to verify your use of 2FA for actions such as logging into your account or deleting HitBTC. This ensures that only you can authorize these actions. Another step is to verify your account by sending personal information and documents to HitBTC. This is only necessary if you plan to trade large volumes, which is not necessary for our Bitcoin SV buying guide.

How to Buy Bitcoin SV (BSV) in 2021 [Step-by-Step Buyer’s Guide]

Step 3 – Choose your preferred deposit option in your HitBTCwallet.

The next step in our Bitcoin SV buying guide is to deposit money into your HitBTC wallet before you can start buying BSV tokens. This can be done in two ways. The first option is to use your credit card – VISA or Mastercard – to purchase the amount of cryptocurrencies of your choice on HitBTC. We can then trade these crypto currency tokens for SV BSV bitcoins on the HitBTC trading platform.

This is the step we recommend if you don’t own any cryptocurrencies. Another option is to deposit cryptocurrencies directly into your HitBTC wallet. We can then exchange these cryptocurrencies for BSV Bitcoin SV tokens. The latter option is simpler because there are no processing fees to pay when purchasing cryptocurrencies with a credit card. For our Bitcoin SV buying guide, we use both scenarios.

Step 4 – Buy cryptocurrencies with a credit card

This is the first option to deposit money into your HitBTC wallet – buy cryptocurrencies with a credit card first. At the time of writing this guide, how to buy Bitcoin SV, we can only use credit cards to buy crypto currency, as HitBTC does not yet support direct currency deposit, such as bank transfer or PayPal. So let’s take a look at the top navigation banner on the HitBTC page.

In the top right corner you will see the Deposit tab with green text and a small + (plus) symbol. Click on this tab and you will be redirected to your HitBTC portfolio. You can also click on the Account tab in the top left corner, which will take you to the same page. On the portfolio overview page, you’ll see a big banner at the top that says: Buy bitcoins with a credit card. Click on it and you will be redirected to another page.

This time you will be presented with a checkout-type page, where you can select your preferred currency, the type of crypto currency, the number of crypto currencies you wish to purchase and the payment processor you wish to use. The current payment providers are Moonpay and Banxa, which support VISA and Mastercard credit cards. ApplePay is also supported as a much easier option for those who are part of the Apple ecosystem.

How to Buy Bitcoin SV (BSV) in 2021 [Step-by-Step Buyer’s Guide] How to Buy Bitcoin SV (BSV) in 2021 [Step-by-Step Buyer’s Guide]

However, note that at the time of writing this How to Buy SV Bitcoin guide, the options for buying crypto-currencies with a credit card on HitBTC are limited to bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). It’s also worth bearing in mind that Bitcoin SV trading is not linked to Ethereum, so it’s worth choosing Bitcoin to avoid using another exchange. Now let’s move on to step 6 and see how to convert these new Bitcoin (BTC) purchases into BSV from Bitcoin SV.

How to Buy Bitcoin SV (BSV) in 2021 [Step-by-Step Buyer’s Guide]

Step 5 – Deposit crypto currencies in the HitBTC wallet

The next step in our Bitcoin SV buying guide is the second way to fund your account, where you can directly fund your HitBTC wallet with cryptocurrencies. This is a much easier option. Before you go any further, you should know that the Bitcoin SV trading pairs on HitBTC are only limited to Bitcoin (BTC) and USD Tether (USDT). So, to keep things simple, consider depositing only Bitcoin or Tether with HitBTC to avoid the need for another replacement.

Then click on the green deposit sign in the top right corner of the HitBTC site again (or on the Account tab in the top left corner) and we are back in your wallet. Now browse through the list of crypto-currencies or use the search bar at the top of the table to find the crypto-currency you want to deposit into. Again, how to buy Bitcoin SV review, just deposit Bitcoin or Tether to make things easier.

Let’s take the example of a bitcoin deposit. Search for Bitcoin – or its ticker, BTC – and click the + icon under the Deposit column in the table on the portfolio page. The QR code and the address of the complex will be displayed. Make sure you choose the right crypto currency. In order to receive bitcoin deposits to your HitBTC wallet, you will also need to withdraw bitcoins from another wallet located elsewhere.

How to Buy Bitcoin SV (BSV) in 2021 [Step-by-Step Buyer’s Guide]

If you z. For example, if you withdraw Ethereum (ETH) and deposit it to a Bitcoin address, your Ethereum can be lost and unrecoverable. Now copy and paste the bitcoin deposit address you see in HitBTC onto the withdrawal page where you withdraw bitcoins. Addresses of cryptocurrencies are often long and consist of a complex mix of numbers, symbols and letters.

Double check this address and make sure there are no missing characters, as this can lead to the risk of not being able to transfer or send your cryptocurrency deposit by mistake. To make the process easier, you can scan the QR code found on HitBTC. For example, when you pick up bitcoins through the mobile wallet app on your phone, you scan the QR code you see on the HitBTC wallet page and it should automatically enter the correct address.

Then deposit your bitcoins, depending on the amount you want, and wait for the deposit confirmation. We can now convert these bitcoins into Bitcoin SV tokens in the next step. Note that some other crypto-currencies may require additional details for the HitBTC deposit process. These may be additional labels or identifiers to better identify the shipment. Again: Copy the relevant data and check it again.

How to Buy Bitcoin SV (BSV) in 2021 [Step-by-Step Buyer’s Guide]

Step 6 – Convert crypto currencies to Bitcoin SV (BSV)

If you’ve gotten this far, you should have assets to trade in your HitBTC wallet, either by depositing cryptocurrencies from another account elsewhere or by purchasing tokens through a credit card. The final step in our Bitcoin SV buying guide is to convert these crypto-currencies into BSV Bitcoin SV tokens. In the navigation tab of the HitBTC site, search and click on Exchange, in the top left corner.

This gives you access to HitBTC’s main trading area to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies. The interface itself is divided into separate panels or windows for better readability. Use the search bar in the Tools window and type BSV. Here you will find all available trading pairs for Bitcoin SV BSV tokens on HitBTC. Also, don’t forget to click on the tabs under the search bar to filter by the exact trading pair that fits BSV.

As we mentioned in our Bitcoin SV buying guide, there are currently only two currency pairs for Bitcoin SV tokens – BSV/BTC and BSV/USDT. If you have not deposited Bitcoin or Tether into your HitBTC exchange, you will need to convert any crypto-currencies you have in your exchange to BTC or USDT. Now let’s go to the Buy ASB field next to the Tools window.

Suppose you want to buy Bitcoin SV tokens with bitcoins. You can buy BSV chips on HitBTC by choosing Market, Limit or Scaled. In the meantime, let’s look at the two previous options. The market operation automatically and immediately purchases SSBs at the market prices available according to the order books at the time of the operation. To do this, you only need to enter one thing, which is the number of bitcoins you want to exchange for SV bitcoins.

It is easy and simple compared to limit trading. However, this also doesn’t give you much control and the amount of SSB you get will depend on the market and how HitBTC fills it. For more control, click on the Limit tab, where you have more options to adjust to market prices and order books. You can enter your preferred purchase rate and leave that order in the HitBTC market until someone appears in the order book to sell BSV at the appropriate rate.

The best bitcoin storage wallets SV

Congratulations, because you have now (hopefully) gotten your hands on some Bitcoin SV BSV crypto currency tokens. We hope our Bitcoin SV buying guide above has helped you and given you a better understanding of how to buy crypto currency on an exchange, no matter which exchange you use. Next, we will discuss how to protect the BSV tokens you just acquired.

So far, we’ve learned that openly storing your cryptocurrencies and other digital assets in an exchange account is not the safest way to protect your tokens. This is despite the best efforts and proactive measures of cryptocurrency exchanges to provide the best form of protection against cyber theft and hacking campaigns. Billions of dollars are lost every year due to cryptocurrency theft. This can be easily avoided by using a dedicated wallet for cryptocurrencies.

There are generally two types of crypto currency wallets that are most commonly used, and those are software hot wallets or hardware cold wallets. Each type of portfolio has its advantages and disadvantages, and there is no shortage of options. Moreover, most portfolios today are not limited to storing your digital assets, as they can also offer additional services to make the experience even more enjoyable.

Some wallets make it easy to buy cryptocurrencies, while others have their own exchanges. You may even find BSV Bitcoin SV tokens for sale here! Some portfolios also let you make bets on cryptocurrencies to earn passive rewards. For our Bitcoin SV buying guide, we’ve listed some of the best wallet apps that will keep your Bitcoin SV safe and sound.

More about Bitcoin SV

Bitcoin SV, or Bitcoin Satoshi Vision, aims to reshape bitcoin based on Satoshi Nakamoto’s original vision and make bitcoin a widely accepted means of payment. Bitcoin SV was born from the fork of Bitcoin Cash, which was itself a fork of Bitcoin. Like Bitcoin Cash, the Bitcoin SV blockchain aims to create a more practical, everyday currency compared to the more speculative nature of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Cash also had similar ambitions, forking Bitcoin’s core blockchain and making changes to it to make it more scalable for use as a medium of exchange. Bitcoin SV was more radical, however, increasing the block size to 128MB and then to 512MB to allow for more efficient transactions and processing. In 2018, another fork was made of Bitcoin SV, which was later called Bitcoin ABC.

How to Buy Bitcoin SV (BSV) in 2021 [Step-by-Step Buyer’s Guide]

Bitcoin SV follows the UTXO ledger model (issuance of non-executed transactions) and uses the same proof-of-work (PoW) consensus algorithm to manage the chain. This includes creating blocks and processing and validating transactions within the blockchain. Bitcoin SV is primarily targeting the business market, with a blockchain optimized to integrate smart contracts, microtransactions and trading services.

This allows businesses to easily implement Bitcoin SV blockchain solutions or accept merchant BSV tokens as a means of payment. Bitcoin SV is more scalable than some other competing blockchains and could reach processing speeds of more than 9,200 transactions per second (TPS) by early 2021. Even more impressively, Bitcoin SV was recently caught checking over 16.4 million transactions in a single block.

Bitcoin SV tokens on BSV have been quite volatile in trading lately. At the time of writing this guide on how to buy SV bitcoin, a single BSV token is worth $195.78, a nice gain of 431.05% from its record lows in 2018. Bitcoin SV has a token totaling 21,000,000 BSV – just like Bitcoin, which currently has 18,661,502 BSV in circulation. This gives Bitcoin SV a market capitalization of $3,653,482,590, making BSV the 23rd most valuable crypto currency on the market.

How to Buy Bitcoin SV (BSV) in 2021 [Step-by-Step Buyer’s Guide] How to Buy Bitcoin SV (BSV) in 2021 [Step-by-Step Buyer’s Guide]

How to buy Bitcoin SV – Conclusion

We have now finished the How to Buy Bitcoin SV guide and we hope that you have learned something about Bitcoin SV, how to buy it and whether it is worth investing in it. There is no doubt that the birth of Bitcoin SV and its continued growth are constantly overshadowed by controversy and drama. However, there is no doubt that a lot of promise and hope rests on the shoulders of BSV, as the underlying solutions could pave the way for solving some of the biggest shortcomings of blockchain today.

One of these drawbacks is scalability, as blockchains still suffer from massive network congestion and slow processing times due to a lack of computer scale. As we have already learned, we see that Bitcoin SV has the potential to surpass many of the current major circuits by creating a decentralized ecosystem capable of calculating a large number of transactions simultaneously. In a world where blockchain is becoming more commonplace, Bitcoin SV is sorely lacking.

How to Buy Bitcoin SV (BSV) in 2021 [Step-by-Step Buyer’s Guide] How to Buy Bitcoin SV (BSV) in 2021 [Step-by-Step Buyer’s Guide]

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