Haven Protocol (XHV) Review


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Haven Protocol (XHV) is innovative privacy cryptocurrency that was designed on the Bitcoin blockchain. Haven is a privacy coin that is specifically designed to protect the privacy of the user and ensure that even the transaction amounts are hidden. It is a fork of Monero (XMR) with extra privacy features implemented into it. Despite Haven being a fork of Monero, it does not share the same code base. Haven is based on CryptoNote protocol, which is better at hiding information than other privacy protocols. New to crypto? Read this. What are your goals? If you have a concrete goal for your introduction, such as “I want to use this introduction in a blog post about the upcoming Galaxy S21, which will be published

Despite the fact that cryptocurrency is currently in a bear market, new cryptocurrencies continue to be created and released to the general public. The Haven Protocol (XHV) is one of these cryptocurrencies, and it is described as an asset-backed cryptocurrency. Haven Protocol aims to be a currency for the digital age and has many unique features that differentiate it from other cryptocurrencies available on the market.

The rich will always have the means to increase their wealth immeasurably. However, these services require not only a lot of brains, but also cunning and a willingness to delve into the grey areas of the law. Offshore banking allows the 1% to hide their wealth from taxes and government oversight. But what if there was a way for normal people to have this power too? This is where our review of the Haven (XHV) protocol comes in.

The birth of cryptocurrencies was supposed to herald the beginning of a new wave of affordability and fair rewards for ordinary people within the financial system. Where you used to have to have a multi-million dollar fortune to get the best banks to work with you, cryptocurrencies are leveling the playing field. In our review of Port Protocol (XHV), we look at one such platform that provides old-school asset management capabilities with a new level of intelligence right at your fingertips.

Haven Protocol (XHV) Review

What is the Port Protocol?

Haven Protocol (XHV) Review

Haven Protocol is a decentralized, open-source crypto-currency bank. His motto seems very simple: An offshore bank without a bank. In short, Haven Protocol is a pseudo-banking asset management service where you can store and manage digital assets anonymously, securely and privately within the platform. In that sense, Haven Protocol works like a wallet where you have a vault where you can store and convert cryptocurrencies and synthetic assets.

These assets can include synthesized versions of popular fiat currencies, precious metals, commodities, stocks, etc., allowing the user to build a complete investment portfolio without relying on third parties or intermediaries. You can easily access the Haven protocol services via the web interface or download the repositories to your desktop via the operating system of your choice: Windows, macOS or Linux.

Haven Protocol (XHV) Review

What are the characteristics of the Haven protocol?

Haven Protocol (XHV) Review

Port Protocol prides itself on allowing each user to manage their assets untraceably through the vault. This is where you will store and organize your belongings according to Haven protocol. The setup process is pretty simple, you just have to provide an archive name (and username) and an archive password, and you have 25 initial phrases from which to restore the archive. Therefore, the installation process is very simple and you can get started quickly.

Haven Protocol has many unique features that we revealed in our Haven Protocol review. Here are the highlights we found….

1. Complete anonymity and confidentiality

Haven Protocol (XHV) Review

A small detail to note is that Haven Protocol is similar to an offshore bank, not a regular (or offshore) bank. In the traditional sense, offshore banking is less regulated than the traditional banks we all know. Offshore banks tend to be shady and keep everything secret when it comes to who their customers are and how they manage their money.

The Haven protocol works in a similar way, translating this philosophy into an attempt to provide users with complete financial privacy and anonymity. The privacy features of Haven Protocol are based on Monero, which is currently considered the most private and anonymous crypto currency. It uses a number of technologies such as stealth addresses, RingCT and Ring signatures to hide the source of your wealth, and also encrypts all your transactions so they cannot be traced back to your vault.

2. Decentralised financial management

The Port Protocol operates in a fully decentralized ecosystem where there is no governing body or centralized structure on which it depends. As an open source project, development is driven by the community. To ensure that no party can gain any control over Haven Protocol, no initial coin offerings (ICOs) or initial funding rounds have been conducted at the time of writing the Haven Protocol valuation. Some of their team members are even mostly volunteers.

To support the ongoing and future development of Haven Protocol, a 5% management fee is charged, as well as a fee for exchanging assets in your vault. This money also funds marketing and other operating costs. By supporting the principle of decentralization, there is no intermediary or counterparty in the Haven protocol, as all trading and ownership of your funds takes place entirely without custody and on the blockchain.

3. Simple digital stock management

Haven Protocol (XHV) Review

Again following the principle of decentralization, the Haven protocol rejected centralized price data. Instead, they use prices inside and outside the chain through the chain oracle. This has the benefit of improving the efficiency of converting assets to cheaper storage, which is determined by Haven’s own algorithmic models. As we mentioned in our Haven Protocol review, the user interface is pretty easy to use and navigate.

In addition, there is no limit to the amount of cash in your safe deposit box. Unlike, say, a decentralized exchange or other DeFi-based liquidity protocols, Haven claims that its platform offers infinite liquidity. This means that any user can convert their xAssets (more on this later) to the repository without restriction. In addition, Haven Protocol’s transaction costs are very low, with average commissions of a fraction of a penny.

Haven Protocol (XHV) Review Haven Protocol (XHV) Review

4. Diversified pool of unique assets

As we discovered in our discussion of the Haven protocol, we are talking about digital and synthetic assets that can be stored and managed in your vault. So what are these assets? In Haven, they are called xAssets. Currently, two cryptocurrencies can be stored in your Haven vault: the XHV base currency token and the xUSD stablecoin. There are also xEUR (Euro), xCNY (Chinese Yuan), xAU (Gold) and xAG (Silver) xAssets.

So you can buy these xAssets, store them in a repository and organize them according to your needs, for example. B. when converting one xAsset to another. These synthetic assets are exposed to their real counterparts without the need to physically own them, just as xAU is exposed to real movements in the gold market. The number of xAssets that can be added to the Port protocol is not limited, only the price streams. So we can expect more to be added in the near future.

5. Simple and convenient payments

Haven Protocol (XHV) Review

Currently, Haven Protocol is more of a vault than a crypto-currency wallet, as it does not yet support instant settlement. However, they are working on e-commerce plugins where you can use XHV tokens or other assets for payments. Although the Port protocol already has a good payment solution with the Port debit card. This way you can shop with your own stable currency xUSD without paying additional transaction fees.

It works by transferring xUSD to a unique address associated with your debit card. Then Haven can turn it into cash every time you pay with your card. The only major drawback is that the Haven debit card doesn’t support VISA or Mastercard, so you can only use it at merchants that accept Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay. The card is now supported in many stores, including 7-Eleven, Walmart, Walgreens and CVS in the US, and in 31 European countries.

What are Haven Protocol’s XHV crypto-currency tokens?

Haven Protocol (XHV) Review

Haven Protocol’s own crypto-currency – in addition to the xUSD stablecoin – is the XHV token. In effect, it serves as collateral for the entire Haven ecosystem and as a base currency whose value can be used to purchase other xAssets, for example synthetic precious metals, in your vault portfolio. However, XHV is also used to provide incentives to the network, for example. B. to pay the Haven development team, fund the platform and reward miners, since Haven is based on the PoW blockchain.

At the time of writing Haven Protocol’s review, the price per XHV is $21.50. In Haven’s relatively short existence, this stock has posted a monstrous 27,996.74% gain since the late 2019 lows and is just 25% away from the April 2021 highs. The value of XHV tokens has increased since mid-2020 and especially after January 2021. XHV Haven has a market capitalization of $307,406,917, making it the 157th most valuable crypto-currency.

The supply limit is 18,400,00 XHV with 14,298,230 XHV currently in circulation. Since much of the Haven protocol shares the privacy features of Monero, the tokenomics are also similar. The current allocation for Unit 2 XHV will be halved by May 2021 and re-covered by 2022. This will lead to inflation of XHV, with 0.6 XHV per block permanently depleted. However, the economy of supply and demand is balanced by the mint-and-burn process, where XHV tokens are burned as they are converted into xAssets.

What are the future updates to the Port protocol playbook?

Haven Protocol (XHV) Review

In writing this review of the Haven protocol, we found a fairly extensive catalog of updates to the Haven team’s roadmap. Some of the previous updates released in Q4 2020 are still in the test network phase. These updates include improving the usability of the Haven protocol by integrating a WooCommerce plugin that allows users to connect their vaults and the xAssets they contain to facilitate payments. This is expected to happen in the first quarter of 2021.

Meanwhile, their roadmap for Q1 2021, which includes the addition of the XHV/USDT trading pair on the Polarity Exchange and the addition of new xAssets, is already in place. The second quarter of 2021 promises to be a busy one for Port Protocol: a huge list of interesting updates await. For our Haven Protocol review, the most anticipated announcement is their upcoming integration into THORChain, which will increase the liquidity of XHV and xUSD tokens. Additional xAssets are also added to the THORChain.

The FIO protocol is expected to come to the Port repositories, which will simplify the user experience with a streamlined system for naming addresses. Next, Haven will focus on commerce and continue its integration with Travala, where XHV tokens can be used for payments when booking more than 2 million hotels and accommodations worldwide, as well as airline tickets and more. New xAssets will be offered in the second quarter, and a charitable fund will be established to assist with Haven’s growth.

Haven Protocol (XHV) Review

Revision port protocol – Conclusion

To conclude our review of Haven protocols: There is certainly a lot of excitement about this emerging platform, even though the mainstream press and general public have barely heard of it. However, more and more consumers are looking at alternative financial and banking services, such as… B. decentralized funding, and benefit from the added security and anonymity of tokens and privacy-friendly protocols. Haven will no doubt be even happier with this continued growth.

Haven Protocol is one of the most modest and exciting projects we’ve seen in crypto in a long time. As a user, you can not only literally become your own bank, but also enjoy what was once considered a high-end banking service for the masses, while remaining completely anonymous and managing an entire portfolio of unique digital and synthetic assets. Combined with low rates, abundant liquidity and ease of use, Haven Protocol is one of the most capable banks to keep an eye on.

Port OverviewProtocols
  • Sociability
  • Features
  • Project values
  • Tokenomics model
  • Long-term sustainability


  • The user interface is very easy to use and navigate.
  • Advanced data protection features to ensure full traceability of transactions.
  • Low transaction and asset conversion costs and abundant liquidity.
  • Seamless payments thanks to the Haven debit card and (future) e-commerce integration.
  • Ability to store a theoretically large number of assets, including unique synthetic assets.
  • A promising roadmap for maximum growth.


  • Currently, only a very small number of assets (xAssets) are supported.

Haven Protocol (XHV) Review Haven Protocol (XHV) Review

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is XHV a good investment?

XHV is a currency with a strong history of solid financial backing. It was created to be an improvement over Bitcoin and has been able to establish itself as a highly valuable coin with a lot of potentials to grow. At the moment, XHV is available on a number of major exchanges, and can be easily purchased using any major fiat or crypto currencies. However, it is still a relatively unknown currency to many, and it is not possible to purchase XHV using a credit card or bank transfer. If you are looking to buy XHV, you are likely wondering whether or not this coin is worth your time and investment. The fact is that XHV has made a lot of progress lately, and many believe that the On February 22, 2018, there was a price rally for the cryptocurrency XHV. It went up from $97.79 to $108.79, in just a matter of hours. Many of the cryptocurrency trader community members are wondering if it is a safe investment, or if it is overvalued. One of the cryptocurrency trader subreddit members said that, “The price is skyrocketing because of the upcoming hardfork on March 1st, which will be the first hardfork of the Haven Protocol. In the upcoming hardfork, it will have new protocols for privacy and fungibility.” Another user said, “I think it is overpriced, and I have sold all of my XHV. It is just a

What is Haven protocol?

Haven protocol is a new cryptocurrency that utilizes the latest advances in cryptography to provide the ultimate protection for your digital assets. Haven protocol makes it possible to create new cryptocurrencies on Haven network instantly, with built in privacy and anonymity features. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, Haven protocol uses a unique combination of technologies to provide blockchain privacy. Haven protocol uses the same ring signatures used by Monero, with the addition of an untraceable PoW (Proof of Work). This combination allows Haven protocol to have a zero knowledge blockchain, meaning that there is no way to know who sent coins from a transaction. What is Haven protocol? Haven is an open source, secure, decentralized, anonymous cryptocurrency and communication platform. Haven’s mission is to enable individuals to break free of censorship and surveillance. Haven’s goal is to protect individuals and businesses against fraud and theft, while preserving their right to privacy.

Where can I buy XHV?

The price of XHV is currently $X. You can check out the trading view of XHV here . Read more blog posts here: https://community.monero.how/t/blog-tags/7/posts https://community.monero.how/t/blog-tags/8/posts Monero is a decentralized cryptocurrency, meaning it is secure digital cash operated by a network of users. The Monero price, which can be found on Coinmarketcap.com, is determined by the supply of the currency and demand for the currency. Monero is not dependent on banks or governments, so there is no danger that a bank or government could “bail in” your Monero.

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