ETH bullish, UK parliament member mentions the “flippening”


In traditional stock trading, the flippening is used to describe the point in which the price of an alternative cryptocurrency surpasses that of an established one, in this case Bitcoin. A flippening has occurred when a smaller cryptocurrency unit price surpasses its larger counterpart; this has happened a few times in the history of cryptocurrency. For instance, there was a flippening that occurred when Litecoin got to $14.31 on December 12, 2013. Another example was the flippening that occurred when Ethereum got to $1,228.88 on January 13, 2018.

Although the prices of bitcoin and Ethereum have somewhat leveled off in the last few months, ETH prices now seem to be picking up again, and there are still a few whales holding on to their ETH. The future of ETH is also bright. Just this week, a UK parliament member talked about Ethereum in parliament, and while he did not mention the “flippening”, he did mention the “flipper”, which is a very similar sounding word.

The flippening is the hypothetical point at which the market capitalization of a cryptocurrency with a market capitalization greater than bitcoin. The flippening is a meme produced by Ethereum maximalists and is often used to express their opposition to the concept of Bitcoin being the dominant cryptocurrency and to generally disparage bitcoin. The term flippening was first used to describe the possible future change in the cryptocurrency market cap dominance from Bitcoin to another cryptocurrency when Ethereum’s market cap became larger than Bitcoins in February 2017.. Read more about eth price and let us know what you think.

Summary of the situation

  • Tom Tugendhat wants more financial innovation in the UK.
  • Tugendhat is more interested in ETH than BTC.

Tom Tugendhat worked for the British government for over five years. The MP urged UK citizens to invest more in financial innovation. What he finds most interesting is the growth of cryptocurrencies. He said he was leaning more towards ETH than the giant BTC coin. Tom Tugendhat, who won the seat as a member of the British Conservative Party, has served in the UK government since 2015. Recently, he challenged his government to learn to use innovative financial strategies. He believes that if the country is unable to adapt to the daily changes in such a short time, it will fall behind. Tom believes that most of these changes are due to online platforms. He emphasized the cryptosphere. Tugendhat is betting on the second highest digital asset, ETH, as the highest digital currency of all time, BTC. He did not explain why he preferred Vitalik’s coin to the digital asset BTC, which has reached an all-time high. While he did not give a reason, he did address the issue of flipping, a term that became popular in 2017 and 2018 when Ethereum (ETH) nearly surpassed the all-time high of the digital asset Bitcoin. Many believe that ETH is looking to surpass the giant currency after experiencing a sharp decline.

Growth function of Ethereum (ETH)

ETH bullish, UK parliament member mentions the “flippening” ETH has long tried to overshadow the crypto-currency giant. The race isn’t over yet. ETH alone is up 7% this year, while the cryptocurrency giant is down 30%, closing the gap between the two digital assets. Recently, ETH has experienced steady growth. A recent report from Coinshare showed that institutions bought more ETH than bitcoin last month.The Crypto market is bullish again, and it seems to be all about ETH. Cryptocurrency forum users are actively discussing the possibility of Ethereum overtaking Bitcoin and becoming the dominant cryptocurrency, and a UK parliament member has asked for a debate about a national cryptocurrency. This is a topic that is actively being discussed in the Crypto community as the flippening approaches.. Read more about bitcoin stock price and let us know what you think.

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