CoinsPaid and SOFTSWISS collaboration to focus on crypto gambling


CoinPaid and SoftwareSwiss, a Swiss company, are partnering to create a new cryptocurrency gambling app. Their goal is to provide a legitimate way for players to bet on cryptocurrencies and not have their accounts shut down by the industry regulators. It’s a timely move as the Swiss Bankers Association (BAI) recently announced that it is planning to crack down on the popular crypto industry by banning any financial institutions that offer services to the industry.

The CoinsPaid Casino is the world’s first crypto casinos where you can play and win real money. It’s a fast-growing online casino that empowers its users to have fun and make money. This collaboration will allow CoinsPaid to expand its platform and offer a more robust and rewarding experience for players. What we have in store is a unique bundle of games and promotions specially designed for our community of crypto enthusiasts.

CoinPaid and SOFTSWISS have collaborated to bring you the very best in SuperBetter crypto gambling. We have teamed up with Azure Gaming to bring you the highest quality casino games with the best odds and highest liquidity for your entertainment.. Read more about is cryptocurrency legal and let us know what you think.

Summary of the situation

– SOFTSWISS has been promoting crypto payments for gambling since 2013.
– CoinsPaid increases the value of a bet on cryptocurrency by 31%.

Companies like SOFTSWISS and CoinsPaid are pioneers of cryptocurrency payments in the gaming industry. These companies have shown that virtual currencies have a promising future if they focus on gambling. In line with these ideals, brands grew by 26% in March and 31% in June.

Cryptocurrencies have become a common topic among gamblers because of the ease, security and anonymity of transactions. Bitcoin is the main crypto currency used for these online bets and has gained a lot of popularity since Covid-19. London-based CoinsPaid is the leading operator of these new financial technology-based games of chance.

Coins paid: The crypto-currency market has become competitive

CoinsPaid and SOFTSWISS collaboration to focus on crypto gambling

CoinsPaid manages cryptocurrency transactions in the UK and shows how cryptocurrencies have become competitive. Since the rise of bitcoin, this new financial market has opened the door for global transactions. Therefore, CoinsPaid believes that crypto currency trading is a refreshing landscape that could kill fiat currency.

CEO Max Krupyshev believes competition is tough in the cryptocurrency market, but he hopes to do his best. Krupyshev is proud that his company is the first payment affiliate in iGaming. However, the CEO says he is also targeting new financial niches.

SOFT SWISS and its support for crypto-currency payments

CoinsPaid fully supports cryptocurrencies, and now that it has joined SOFTSWISS, this goal becomes even more urgent. Andrei Starovoytov, CEO of SOFTSWISS, explains that bitcoin is still the crypto currency used to make most payments. However, Ethereum is also present with a 9% share of total online casino transactions.

SOFTSWISS integrated crypto-currency payments into online betting in 2013, but the process culminated this year. With CoinsPaid, a company that handles payments in cryptocurrencies is stepping up to the plate and gaining more importance.

Starovoitov believes that cryptocurrencies have gained importance in the new year and reached a historic value. Bitcoin managed to gain another $60,000 million in April, but in May the crypto currency lost more than 50% of its value.

The world of cryptocurrencies and online gambling is very popular among cryptocurrency enthusiasts. However, some authorities in Europe disagree with this approach and call it illegal. But these comments were predictable: cryptocurrency regulators got heavily involved.

Currently, these cryptocurrency payments for gambling are a golden opportunity for all users. Several crypto-currency platforms can send bitcoins to a betting profile. SOFTSWISS has also developed a simple transaction system for new crypto currency enthusiasts.

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