CME Micro Bitcoin Futures: What Are They and How Do You Trade Them?


The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) is a leading global provider of futures and options markets, and a division of the CME Group (ticker: CME). The company is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, with operations in four other cities. It is a provider of trading services for exchange-traded contracts, equities, commodities and options on domestic and international financial markets.

Bitcoins are digital coins that can be used to pay for goods and services. The Bitcoin market is a sea of speculation and talk, however, what is not in evidence is any real action. This is where CME’s new Bitcoin futures contracts come into play. The CME recently launched Bitcoin futures contracts, giving traders a new way to bet on the price of the cryptocurrency without having to actually own any Bitcoins.

Bitcoin futures have been around for a while now, but in recent weeks, the popularity of the contracts has grown. That’s because CME Group announced that it would be launching Bitcoin futures for financial markets in the coming weeks, which will make the contracts available to a larger pool of investors. The contracts are not designed to be like the traditional futures contracts that are traded on exchanges like the CME, but instead, they are meant to be a way to hedge against the cryptocurrency. The CME contracts are called “calls” and “puts”.

CME Micro Bitcoin Futures: What Are They and How Do You Trade Them? Bitcoin futures allow traders and experienced investors to bet on bitcoin price movements in a regulated form. In this guide, you will learn what CME Micro Bitcoin futures are, how they work, and how to trade them.

What is a futures contract?

Futures contracts were created hundreds of years ago. Farmers used them to ensure prices at harvest before planting their crops.  When the season was in her favor, she minimized her wins; when the season was against her, she minimized her losses. Look at this example: Before planting the barley, farmer Phil agrees to sell it to Kate’s Brewery for $500 a ton after harvest. You formalise this agreement in the form of a forward contract. Now that Phil is certain of the price at which he will sell his barley, he can grow it with the confidence that he will not sell it at a loss. Kate is certain of the price at which she will buy raw materials and can plan her brewing budget accordingly. Financial instruments, energy, currencies and precious metals can all now be traded through futures contracts. As digital assets are developed, forward contracts are created for them.

What is the CME Micro Bitcoin Futures?

CME Micro Bitcoin Futures: What Are They and How Do You Trade Them? Bitcoin micro futures (MBT) are 1/10 the size of one bitcoin or 1/50 the size of a larger five bitcoin futures contract. These smaller contracts offer traders of all sizes a new way to more accurately measure bitcoin exposure and make their trading strategies more versatile. This new product trades 1/10 of a bitcoin and is cheaper than five bitcoin futures contracts.  The maximum order size is 100 contracts. Contracts expire on the last Friday of each month. It is possible to choose between six consecutive monthly contracts at any time, plus December of this year and December of next year. You do not need a digital wallet to trade CME MBTs, as they are financially settled and therefore do not require bitcoin exchanges. However, to access bitcoin futures, you must trade with a registered futures broker.

Are CME Micro Bitcoin futures contracts part of your digital asset portfolio?

CME Micro Bitcoin Futures: What Are They and How Do You Trade Them? We hope this guide has helped you decide if CME Micro Bitcoin futures are something you want to add to your portfolio. If you decide it’s not for you, you are now better equipped to answer someone else who asks you about it. If you’ve been wanting to gain experience with futures for a long time, but the size of the contracts has kept you from doing so, CME Micro Bitcoin Futures may be just what you’ve been waiting for. Remember, you can always get more information. This lesson can cost you dearly if a trade goes against you and you have exceeded your leverage.

Is bitcoin part of your digital asset portfolio?

Some of the world’s largest corporations, some of the world’s largest pension funds and some of the world’s largest university endowments now have bitcoin on their balance sheets. But does that mean you have to do it? Bitcoin still has the largest market share of any digital asset in existence. While past performance is no guarantee of future results, the history of rising stock prices is striking. As the number of users increases and the supply on the market decreases, and as the planned halving takes place approximately every four years, the conditions for a further price increase are easy to see. Ultimately, only you can decide if bitcoin and CME micro bitcoin futures fit your investment thesis. Related Articles: If you want to stay up to date with the latest trends and developments in digital asset markets, subscribe to the Bitcoin Market Journal newsletter.You’ve probably never heard of CME Micro Bitcoin Futures, but if you’re a cryptocurrency trader, you’ve probably traded with them. They are the first Bitcoin futures products to be traded on a major exchange platform (CME Group). Because there is currently very little liquidity in the Bitcoin futures markets, most Bitcoin traders use these products as a way to speculate (buy low, sell high) on the price of Bitcoin.. Read more about bitcoin options trading and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I trade Bitcoin futures?

This article is going to be a little different from my usual stuff. Most of my articles are blogs about Bitcoin itself, or other cryptocurrencies. This one is going to be about the CME futures market, which is what you would use to trade futures if you wanted to. Why am I talking about this? Because I just got my hands on my first Bitcoin futures market, and I wanted to give you guys a quick rundown on how I traded them. As Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies become more and more popular, speculators are looking to trade Bitcoin futures for a chance to become a profitable trader. But before you can trade futures, you need to be trading Bitcoin. And if you are, you need to know how to trade futures. How do you do that?

How do CME Bitcoin futures work?

With this new CME Bitcoin futures contract, investors will be able to speculate on the future price of bitcoin. The CME Bitcoin futures contract is a standard futures contract that allows investors to establish the price at which they will buy or sell bitcoin at a predetermined date in the future. This contract is cash-settled, which means that, under the settlement terms, each side must pay the price at which the contract is held. The price at which the contract is held is based on the last trade price of bitcoin prior to the expiration of the contract. Cryptocurrency futures, such as CME bitcoin futures, are basically contracts that allow investors to speculate on the future price of a cryptocurrency. These contracts give investors the opportunity to profit from the rise or fall of bitcoin prices, and they give traders a chance to hedge their cryptocurrency positions. They also give investors the ability to hedge against the market by using different cryptocurrencies in the same way that they can use a stock index in a portfolio.

What are futures and how do you trade them?

CME Micro Bitcoin Futures, which launched in December, allow investors to hedge a portion of the upward move of the Bitcoin (BTC) price with a futures contract. As an investor, you can purchase a contract that gives you the right to buy or sell Bitcoin at a set rate for a certain period of time. Futures, which can be used both as a trading tool and a hedging tool, are contracts that let investors place bets on the future price of a certain asset or asset group—such as a commodity, currency, stock, or interest rate. They are a way to invest or hedge in a way that is not possible with a direct investment or a commodity position. A financial future is a financial product designed to be delivered to a buyer in the future, such as a month, quarter, or year.

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