Clout.Art Restores Artist’s Stolen Instagram Handle @metaverse Using a Special NFT


Clout, a blockchain-powered social media platform and digital asset management company, is working on finding solutions to better the state of copyright law by using the power of distributed ledger technology. Their latest project involves restoring stolen Instagram accounts through their use of an NFT called “Metaverse” that retains ownership while providing its owner with access privileges they deserve.

“What is nft art?” is a question that many people are asking. NFT stands for “Non-Fungible Tokens” and these tokens can be used to represent anything in the digital world, including but not limited to, cryptocurrency. Read more in detail here: what is nft art.

Clout.Art Restores Artist’s Stolen Instagram Handle @metaverse Using a Special NFT

Clout.Art Restores Artist’s Stolen Instagram Handle @metaverse Using a Special NFT


20th December 2021, London, United Kingdom Chainwire

Thea-Mai Baumann, an Australian artist and Australian Arts Council administrator who worked under the moniker metaverse for over a decade and maintained the Instagram account @metaverse, was profiled last week.

Thea’s Instagram account was suspended on November 2nd, with fewer than 1000 followers and a week after Facebook announced it was changing its name to Meta. When she attempted to log in, she was met with the following alarming message: 

“Because you pretended to be someone else, your account has been deactivated.”

She attempted, but failed, to authenticate her ostensibly “false” identity on Instagram. Aside from an NFT she had coined a few days before, she had nothing to indicate she was the first metaverse artist at the moment.

Since Her First Instagram Post, NFT

On October 30, Thea was beta testing a new NFT platform and marketplace that can mint social media postings into NFTs in a manner that transfers all data and value from Web2 to Web3 using an unique minting procedure. Minting a picture from a post is simple, but collecting the worth of a piece of content and keeping the provenance data and valuation estimations in a structured model is far more difficult. accomplished just that with her account and Instagram post, unbeknownst to her at the time. produced a confirmed social-to-wallet identity pair by certifying her Instagram profile, which means her @metaverse handle now exists on-chain through her public wallet address.

Metaverse Flamingo was the moniker she gave to her very first Instagram post from 2012, which she created as an NFT. In less than a minute, the procedure is completed on-chain with an open and transparent transaction record. She became the owner of the NFT, which was her first Instagram post. She even archived the original post so that just the Web3 version remained online.

When she was seeking to reclaim the handle via her legal team, the Flamingo proved to be a helpful asset. No one would be able to contest her possession of the account since it was on-chain evidence. It was the most important piece of evidence in her battle to reclaim her identity.

“We live in a world where our data and identities may be locked and removed apparently at will.” If you’re an artist who relies on your internet presence for a living, you can’t afford to lose it for free. Thea says, “You need a mechanism to prove your ownership.”

Thea’s @metaverse account was restored and returned to her after the piece in The New York Times, with no additional explanation from Meta.

Flamingo NFT Auction in the Metaverse

On December 21, 2021, at 10 a.m. UTC, the original first-ever @metaverse Instagram post NFT will be auctioned on The auction proceeds will benefit Thea’s Punk Fund, which aims to support and liberate musicians by educating them about NFTs and their monetization possibilities.

Don’t miss Thea’s live AMA on Twitter Spaces on December 20 at 10 a.m. UTC. Join’s Discord server to participate! To join, go here. 



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