Bware Labs Launches MVP Of High Performance Decentralized Node Network


Bware Labs, a new company focused on providing Blockchain solutions for enterprise clients, announced the launch of BwareMVP, a high performance decentralized network designed to provide secure and scalable decentralised computing for enterprise clients.

Bware Labs , a startup focused on blockchain security and performance, has today launched the first version of its Bware Labs Network , a decentralized peer-to-peer network that accelerates the performance of the blockchain by allowing more transactions per second than traditional payment networks.

Bware Labs is pleased to announce the launch of its Multi-Protocol Virtual Private Network (MVP) to the public. The MVP, currently in development, will be the first of its kind to allow for a decentralized network of nodes, and is intended to act as a foundation on which future versions of High Performance Decentralized Node Network (HP-DNN) can be built. Bware Labs is the first to release a MVP of its technology, with plans to release the final version in the near future.. Read more about decentralized internet and let us know what you think.

Bware Labs Launches MVP Of High Performance Decentralized Node Network Bucharest, Romania, 14. June 2021, Bware Labs, a startup developing a decentralized API platform that aligns incentives between end users and node providers, has released the MVP, or working prototype, of its platform. Users can now set up a dedicated node endpoint that can access blockchain data via RPC or WSS API in just four clicks. As part of this release, end users will be able to connect to the app via MetaMask Wallet and create specific endpoints that allow them to interact with Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain or Ethereum Mainnets, all in just four clicks and less than 30 seconds. Although it is free to use, up to three endpoints (an Avalanche, a BSC and an Ethereum) can be created for each MetaMask wallet. In the MVP version, the nodes are provided by Bware Labs to ensure a smooth start for the user and set performance standards. As the platform matures, Bware Labs aims to create a two-way marketplace of node providers and applicants, creating a decentralized alternative to Infura or Alchemy. Although the number of requests is currently limited to 25 per second, Bware boasts half the latency of similar free plans from competitors and offers a more persistent selection of blockchains. To ensure the reliability of the Bware Labs ecosystem, node providers are encouraged to bid on their own tokens, which are discounted in the event of a node outage. To meet the required percentage, node providers will be able to accept delegations and share rewards with delegates – the only decentralized API platform that can do this. Node users pay operators through a subscription model provided by the MetaMask wallet. This creates a redistribution of incentives between the operators of the nodes, who are often performing an altruistic non-profit task, and the users of these nodes, who do not wish to host their own infrastructure. Managing blockchain nodes is crucial for securing the network, but without a proper incentive structure, especially in PoW-based Ethereum, centralization occurs because only the major players in the ecosystem can allocate resources to host nodes, says Flavian Manea, co-founder and CEO of Bware Labs. As an advisor to Bware Labs, I am very pleased with the progress the team has made toward the release of a fully decentralized API platform. Most importantly, I really want the Avalanche ecosystem to have this easy to use and extremely convenient option to access blockchain data. I really believe it will streamline the development efforts of different blockchains, which will ultimately lead to more adoption, said Nicholas Mussalem, product manager at Ava Labs. About Bware Bware Labs provides an interface between blockchain APIs, consumers and node providers, with built-in payment options and proven reliability, all integrated into our platform and protocol service. The team at Bware Labs has extensive experience with blockchain and technology companies such as Ankr, Intel, Fitbit, Google and Ericsson. MVP : Documentation: Plans according to MVP:



Bware Labs has launched a proof of concept (PoC) of its high performance Bdisti Decentralized Network (BDN). Bdisti is a protocol which runs on top of the Bitcoin protocol and enables the creation of a decentralized peer-to-peer (P2P) network, that is fully delegated with the blockchain. The main goal of Bdisti is to enable the full integration of the entire Bcoin ecosystem onto the Bitcoin network and provide a high performance and stable decentralized platform for the creation of smart-contracts and other applications.. Read more about what’s blockchain and let us know what you think.

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