Bitcoin Cash Argentina Runs Flipstarter to Boost Adoption in the Country – Emerging Markets Bitcoin News


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The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) community in Argentina is running a program called Flipstarter to boost adoption in the region. The initiative is a partnership between Casascius and FreeMarket, as they announce the new program on their Twitter account.

“Bitcoin is a technology for transactions” – Andreas Antonopoulos. This is something that many crypto-enthusiasts seem to forget. The cryptocurrency market is full of altcoins that are marketed as a means of exchange and payment, but in reality, there is not much room in the crypto-ecosystem for these coins. Online payments are still in early stages of development, so for the foreseeable future, cryptocurrencies will be used as mediums of exchange for transactions that have already taken place. However, there is a big problem with online payments, which is the high percentage of money lost during these transactions.

Bitcoin Cash Argentina Runs Flipstarter to Boost Adoption in the Country – Emerging Markets Bitcoin News

Bitcoin Cash Argentina, a non-profit organization that aims to promote the use of Bitcoin Cash, has launched a Flipstarter campaign to raise funds to clarify the use of the crypto currency in the country and encourage its adoption. Argentina’s economy has been hit hard by inflation and devaluation, so interest in cryptocurrencies and ways to use them is growing rapidly.

Bitcoin Cash Argentina raises money to accelerate BCH adoption in the country

Bitcoin Cash Argentina, an organization dedicated to promoting the use and adoption of the said crypto currency in the country, is currently raising funds to expand its reach and promote adoption through a number of activities. Fundraising is done through Flipstarter, a BCH-specific tool that allows anyone to raise money for a good cause. The funds are only disbursed when a certain target is reached.

Although Bitcoin Cash Argentina was only founded six months ago, it has managed to grow into a team capable of organizing meetings and hosting merchants, which has helped Bitcoin Cash’s user base grow tremendously. According to Flipstarter’s press release, the team wanted to do this to show the community what they can do, so they can then raise funds with a proven track record.

Help us make the original bitcoin (BCH) great again in Argentina! #BitcoinCash #BCH

– Bitcoin Cash Argentina (@BCHArgentina) May 10, 2021

And he succeeded. Bitcoin Cash Argentina’s first goal was to bring 50 merchants to the country with the money it raised itself. This goal was partially achieved: between March and May, 45 dealers joined. The team also holds monthly meetings where they explain to new users how Bitcoin Cash works and the benefits of using it every day.

If the campaign is successful, BCH Argentina plans to accelerate its activities and expand the first phase’s goal to 100 affiliated merchants. Some of this money is given to users to spend at local merchants. This will contribute to the creation of a circular economy.

The campaign was well received by the public and reached over 80% of the target with 12 days to go. Important members of the community, such as Roger Wehr and Mark de Mesel, have already made significant contributions, giving the project greater legitimacy.

Crypto travel Argentina

Argentina is a relatively new country in the world of cryptocurrencies. Interest in cryptocurrencies has only recently begun to grow due to the country’s economic difficulties. Exchange controls are one of the main reasons Argentines are seeking an alternative to the US dollar. Citizens who used to exchange their salaries and savings for dollars could no longer do so because of these controls.

As Argentina faces the challenges of Covid-19 and struggles with an annual inflation rate of 50%, it is a hotbed of crypto currency. Large exchanges like Ripio and Bitso have reached record numbers of users, and this trend is unlikely to change in the near future.

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