Astra Protocol Raises $9 Million in Private Sale to Bring Decentralized Compliance to the DeFi Ecosystem


The Astra Protocol claims to provide transparency, immutability and dispute resolution through its decentralized blockchain. With the recent mass influx of funds into crypto-investing, compliance has become a new frontier in the deFi environment.

Astra Protocol Raises $9 Million in Private Sale to Bring Decentralized Compliance to the DeFi Ecosystem

Astra Protocol Raises $9 Million in Private Sale to Bring Decentralized Compliance to the DeFi Ecosystem


22nd December 2021, Zürich, Switzerland

Astra Protocol is thrilled to announce that its token sale has raised $9 million. Furthermore, the initiative has received support from top-tier investment companies and individuals, showing the necessity for decentralized compliance in the decentralized financial sector. 

Astra and its worldwide patented protocol are making fast development. The program aims to provide a completely decentralized compliance layer for DeFi smart contracts. That layer includes Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) features. Furthermore, with the support of a number of reputable law firms, the compliance layer may be used to handle any real-world compliance difficulties. 

The continued rise of decentralized finance has shown the necessity to follow strong societal regulations. The majority of protocols on the market now do not have this capability, but it will be necessary in the future. Developers and consumers may lose control of the ecosystem if there isn’t a compliance layer in place. 

Furthermore, the present technological environment makes it possible to overcome and resolve any potential conflicts. As a result, an on-chain dispute resolution mechanism is critical, especially given the significant risks associated with decentralized banking. For lending and borrowing, derivatives, stablecoins, asset management, decentralized insurance, and decentralized exchanges, Astra Protocol provides legal certainty, framework, dispute resolution, and regulatory compliance. 

The Astra Protocol token sale just ended, generating $9 million to help the team continue to develop and improve its compliance layer. Republic, DAOMaker, Fundamental Labs, Faculty, Richard Dai, and Wave GP Cardano are among the project’s notable backers. 

Jonathan Han, a Republic partner, had this to say:

“We feel Astra’s solution is an important component of the DeFi mainstreaming campaign. We’re thrilled to support the Astra team as they work hard to expand the advantages of DeFi to more individuals and organizations.”

Arthur Ali is a character in the film Arthur Ali, co-founder of the Astra Protocol, says:

“We are thrilled to announce the completion of our token sale and to have received tremendous support from top-tier investment firms and individuals, including Republic, DAOMaker, Richard Dai, Fundamental Labs, and institutional investors.” ASTRA, we feel, is critical to the development of DeFi. It will enable us to take the sector to the next level of development, allowing for more compliance procedures across many nations and guaranteeing that significant conventional banks continue to participate. Our internationally patented technology will enable DeFi to continue growing while generating increased regulatory trust without jeopardizing decentralization.”

Astra Protocol has formed new collaborations with some of the world’s most prestigious legal and auditing organizations, with more announcements coming soon. 

What is the Astra Protocol?

Our goal is to provide a completely decentralized compliance layer to all DeFi smart contracts, including KYC and AML capabilities, so that they may be used to handle real-world compliance concerns with the help of reputable law firms.


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