A Bitcoin indicator with a ‘perfect’ history just told you to buy the dip


Bitcoin is in a weird place right now. It’s lost 40% of its value in the last few months, and it’s dropped another 20% in the last seven days. The price of the crypto currency continues to climb, but it seems to be getting less valuable for each passing day. And while retail investors are reacting to the sell-off, they’re doing so in a way that’s detrimental to the health of the market.

As you probably know, the past year saw a number of altcoins (alternative coins) rise to become the second-biggest cryptocurrency by market cap, only to see their price drop within a few weeks or months. This pattern has been repeated over and over again. A cryptocurrency’s price tends to be highly volatile, so it’s difficult to predict which will rise and which will fall next. The best way to speculate is to look at the coin’s past performance, as that may reveal a pattern that can be used to predict its future price moves.

In the past few weeks, bitcoin has had a rollercoaster of a few weeks, with price fluctuating wildly. This volatility has been a cause for concern for many investors in the cryptocurrency. In particular, the bitcoin bear market over the last few years has caused many to question the reliability of cryptocurrency prices. However, there are several indicators that suggest bitcoin is now due for a rebound.. Read more about where will btc bottom out and let us know what you think.

An indicator with a perfect track record advises traders to buy bitcoin (BTC). In his tweet of the 15th. In June, analyst Cole Garner noted bullish signals for the bitcoin-stablecoin ratio oscillator.

Buy a dive or ignore the whale?

After MicroStrategy announced a new $1.5 billion fundraising round, the proceeds of which could be used entirely to buy bitcoin, BTC/USD came to rest at $40,000. The move follows praise from Elon Musk and investor Paul Tudor Jones. The latter now advocates a 5% position in BTC, instead of the 1% position of before. The bitcoin-stablecoin ratio oscillator is currently predicting a classic buying opportunity, even at new local highs. The oscillator measures the amount of bitcoins on the exchanges versus the amount of stablecoins. According to Garner, it is time to get into BTC/USD when the moving average of the ratio enters the lower bound, shown in green in the accompanying chart. Bitcoin andstability ratio oscillator with buy points marked. Source: Cole Garner/Twitter A Bitcoin indicator with a ‘perfect’ history just told you to buy the dip Since 2019, the indicator has never missed a rising trend in bitcoin. Excellent 2019 BTFD performance and it just printed another buy signal, Garner commented. Ki Young Joo, CEO of CryptoQuant, a network that produces the indicator, nevertheless sounded the alarm about the possibility of another sell-off this week. He thinks it could be from the Bitfinex exchange, where Whale has built up a large short position. If the dumping happens again, it could be from Bifinex, Key told his followers on Twitter. Most exchanges have digested most of the $BTC inflows after the sharp drop. Except Bitfinex. All eyes are on the Finex whales.Bitcoin Untapped Volume Index of 11. June. Source: Ki Young Joo/Twitter A Bitcoin indicator with a ‘perfect’ history just told you to buy the dip

Dealer sees MicroStrategy Fractal

In the meantime, MicroStrategy’s allocation of additional resources to bitcoin could be positive news enough in itself to support the market. Related: Bitcoin price could hit $85,000 in coming months as indicators rise – report As Filbfilb, co-founder of the trading suite Decentrader, notes, MicroStrategy’s acquisitions have surprisingly coincided with the rise in the spot price of BTC. This situation, he told subscribers on his Telegram commercial channel on Friday, looks more like a fractal than a casual relationship. CEO Michael Saylor continues to talk about bitcoin amid announcements of fundraising, gaining a major platform on social media. If you invest 5% of your portfolio in bitcoin, you have decided to invest 95% of your portfolio in bitcoin demonetized assets, he replied to Tudor Jones.There is a lot of buzz about how to use technical analysis to forecast the direction of Bitcoin prices. Bitcoin has shown itself to be very volatile and prone to wild swings, and the charting techniques used to back up predictions of when to buy or sell are still not perfectly understood. There are also different ways of looking at the price, and they seem to disagree on when the best time is to buy or sell. It is even possible that the right way to look at the market is to take a long-term view, rather than trying to get in and out of it the moment Bitcoin rises or falls.. Read more about bitcoin this week and let us know what you think.

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